Attack on Titan in Singlish!?

So a group of Singaporeans decided to add some Singaporean flavour by dubbing a famous scene in Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人) in Singlish. And the result is hilarious (and too real).

Here you go (turn on subtitles if you’re not familiar with Singlish):

Wah lao eh the things people do, but not bad ah like awesome only.


Revival of Godzilla Film in 2016!

Toho’s vision of their new building in Shinjuku

Toho has announced the revival of Godzilla films! The previous film made by Toho was in 2004, titled Godzilla Final Wars. 12 years later in 2016, Toho will be doing a “made-in-Japan” Godzilla film once again! Maybe it was because of the success of the Hollywood adaptation of Godzilla, who knows.

Trailer of Godzilla Final Wars (source)

The below is a translation from the announcement at Nikkei:

The new film will be made entirely by Toho. Currently Toho is selecting the staff and cast for the film, which is set to start filming in Summer 2015. Toho has not decided whether to use a costume or CG for Godzilla. Toho hopes to expand the spread of Godzilla before the release of the film. Firstly, they are going to make a 1:1 size Godzilla head on top of the Toho building set to open in April 2015. The head is going to be exactly positioned at 52m from the ground, which coincides with the height of the first Godzilla in its film in 1954. The head, as Toho claimed, will be a new significant landmark of Shinjuku!

Toho also expressed their pride at their first attempt at franchising the Godzilla franchise to America for the recent Godzilla film, which they claimed was a hit worldwide.

Godzilla also won the Guiness Award for the longest continuously used franchised film.

I can’t wait for the film to release! How about you?

UPDATE (12 Dec 2014): Koichi Kawakita, the SPFX Director of the Godzilla films, has passed away, update here.

Source: Nikkei