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We wish all our readers a Happy Christmas Day!
Enjoy the festive season while it lasts.

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Christmas Shopping over the Weekend? Here’s your solution!

Christmas is round the corner, so are you still having headaches on where to grabs some lovely Christmas Presents over the weekend? Our team at Neko No Gensou have spotted a couple of great places that may be your solutions to getting some neat presents for the festive season.

1. Pokémon Center Plushies

Definitely one of the most lovely things you can grab this year is Pokémon Plushies which are available at your doorstep! Alternatively, you could pop by Zepy Games, Comics Connection, Mega Multimedia, GameScore, and GameMartz to grab them as well.

Not only has the Singapore stores stocked up a whole load of new merchandises, they’re also prepared some lovely limited edition merchandise for the festive season!

Not Christmas related, but this is irresistibly adorable.

Alternatively, you could always bring your friends and family into the world of Pokémon by getting them a limited edition 3DS! Don’t forget to include a copy of Pokémon ORAS. If you get them to start their adventure in ORAS, they are still eligible for most of the special gifts available in the game!

Don’t forget, if you spend above $40 on Rakuten Singapore, you get it shipped right to your doorstep for FREE!

2. Hobby Art Gallery & Hobby Art @ Work


  • Hobby Art Gallery – 91 Bencoolen Street, Sunshine Plaza #01-44 Singapore 189652
  • Hobby Art @ Work12 Arumugam Rd, Lion Building B #06-04 Singapore 409958

Familiar to many model kit collectors and builders, the Hobby Art Gallery and Hobby Art @ Work outlets have their Christmas promotions as well!

Hobby Art Gallery
Hobby Art @ Work

With a wide range of Model Kits, this makes it ideal locations to grab Christmas gifts for Mecha and Model Kit Lovers.

Shelves Packed with Model Kits at Hobby Art Gallery


Wide Selection Available at Hobby Art @ Work

Model kits for the One Piece Boats are up for grabs as well. So you can surprise One Piece Lovers with an awesome present, or two. Or three.

Image from Gundam Planet

If you’re also looking to do some modifications or upgrades to your Model Kits, you’ve a wide range of tools and Kotobukiya add-on parts for selection as well.

Here’s the great news: All the way until 4th January, there’s a 30% off for all Bandai Plastic model kits, 10% off for all paints, tools and accessories (except those with yellow tags. Take note that the discount is only not applicable to Expo limited/exclusives, Premium Bandai (P-Bandai) products and Pre-order items).

On top of that, members will enjoy an additional 5% off.

HGUC Kits are available as well.

Aside from the offer stated above, there’s other great deals waiting for you! One great example is the Nightingale, Up for grabs at only $89.90!

On the Little Battler eXperience (LBX; Danbooru Senki) side of things, the Hyper Function LBX The Emperor is released! This is the also the first series of LBX Model Kits that comes with a separate core skeleton! If you are looking for great deals, the Ikaros Zero & RS model kit (the one with the radio-controlled stand) is only $10!

They also have a New Year Campaign for 2015 as well. Buying participating Model Kits from either of the Hobby Art Outlets will entitle you to take part in this Lucky Draw where you can win awesome prizes, such as a set of PG Model Kits.

In addition, You can join our Hobby Art Gallery giveaway!

3. Otakutachi

Address: 91 Bencoolen Street, Sunshine Plaza #01-32 Singapore 189652

Located at Sunshine Plaza, we have Otakutachi. A store filled with loads of anime merchandise, with merchandise from hit titles such as Love Live!, Date A Live and Kantai Collection.

With the festive season just round the corner, they now have a $5 Shelf and a $10 Shelf. Many of these items are more than 50% off!

If what you are eyeing are not on these shelves, fear not. There’s still a store wide 30% discount!

Tons of figurines are up for grabs right off the shelf at really great prices.

In addition there’s a large selection of merchandise such as phone straps and keyrings!

If you’re looking for something neat for Love Live fans, the really cute Honoka and Nico Nendroids are up for adoption as well. They’re also on discount!

Do not worry if you’re not sure what your friend likes. You have the option of buying Otakutachi Gift Vouchers (no minimum purchase required!) as well! This way you wouldn’t have a headache choosing something for your friends.

So hurry down to Otakutachi as the promotion ends on 24th December at 3pm!

Remember to join our Otakutachi Gift Vouchers Giveaway right here!

4. Summoners

Address: 5 Koek Road, Cuppage Plaza, #02-17, Singapore 228796

Taking a short walk from Somerset MRT, you could also pop by Summoner’s at Cuppage Plaza.

Not only do they carry a wide range of TCGs, you also could grab awesome card sleeves and deck boxes as well, which would make lovely Christmas presents for card collectors and players.

Great news for Buddy Fight and Vanguard players. Buddy Fight booster packs are for grabs at $1 a pack and $30 for a box. Vanguard is going for $1.50 a pack, $30 a box and $15 for Extra Pack boxes. Do bear in mind that these great deals run for the entire December, so grab them while you can!

Vanguard, Image from Wikipedia
Buddy Fight, Image from

While grabbing some gifts, you could also grab a cool drink and chill out at the cozy shop as well.

5. Kinokuniya

List of outlets here.

Piled up with tons of books, this is one great place to grab a present for your bookworm fans.

With four outlets: Takashimaya, JEM, Liang Court and Bugis Junction, it’s quite easy to visit one of their stores!

Kinokuniya is also well known to be stocked up with Japanese books and magazines which are relatively rare in Singapore. So it might be a good corner to pick up something special. Whats more, there’s 20% store wide discount for Kinokuniya members and 10% discount for regular walk-ins until 25th December 2014.

The offer runs all the way until Christmas day, so you can still pick up some books last-minute.

6. Takashimaya Christmas Sales

One of the biggest sales I’ve seen in Singapore, would be at the basement of Takashimaya, located near Orchard MRT.

The entire basement space is being taken up for this huge fair.

Here you have a wide range of toys and gifts up for grabs. Ranging from the awesome Baymax Big Hero 6 all the way to Sanrio apparels.

Not to mention, there’s a huge section allocated to Hello Kitty ❤ There is also a small Display for the Hello Kitty 40th Aniversary.

Aside from the sales, there’s the huge Build Strike Gundam statue as well as a Bat Mobile on display as well.

Last minute Christmas decorations are also up for grabs.

Even if you haven’t thought through on what Christmas gifts to grab for someone, especially kids, this large fair would definitely flood you with ideas on what to grab off the shelves.

The fair will be open up till Christmas Day!

Model Kits Heaven – Hobby Art

For our readers watching Build Fighters, keen on getting your own Gunpla? Or possibly customizing them? Well here’s a pretty neat place where you can grab your needs.

Remember some time back where there was a Neo Zeong Group Build? Yup, that place is your answer!

Hobby Art Gallery and Hobby Art @ Work is a heaven for you to get all you need.

Hobby Art Gallery
Hobby Art @ Work


Hobby Art Gallery – 91 Bencoolen Street, Sunshine Plaza #01-44 Singapore 189652

Hobby Art @ Work – 12 Arumugam Rd, Lion Building B #06-04 Singapore 409958

With both shops easily reachable via MRT, you can drop by after work or during the weekends to actually have a look at what’s up for grabs. You could also check out their Facebook Page.

So here’s a quick preview of the stash of awesome Model Kits you can grab at these places.

Hobby Art Gallery


Hobby Art @ Work

There’s also a great variety of tools that will aid your Model Kit Building as well.

To top that up, there’s also a large spread of third party parts, which are lovely for customization.

And some electronics to light up your kits.

If you’re actually keen to paint or coat your Model Kits, the spread of paint available is also huge.

If you’re keen to grab a couple of Model Kits, you might want to pop by soon as they’re having a 30% off for all Bandai Plastic model kits, 10% off for all paints, tools and accessories except those with yellow tag. Just note that the discount is only not applicable to Expo limited/exclusives, Premium Bandai (P-Bandai) products and Pre-order items. On top of that, members will enjoy an additional 5% off.

If you’re actually keen to learn more or improve your Model Kit building skills, you could also consider dropping by as there’s lots of really friendly people in the shop who are willing to share their experience with you. To be honest, even I myself learned a lot about Model Kit Building from them as well.

Time for some awesome news. We are going to be giving 2 lucky winners $50 Cash vouchers for the Hobby Art Outlets. Simply check out our Giveaway on Facebook to find out how you could get a chance to win these vouchers!




Shopping Spotlight – Otakutachi

With a short walk from either Dhoby Ghaut, Bras Basah or Bugis MRT, you could find yourself in an Anime Merchandise Paradise.

Previously located in a small corner of Bishan, the new shop that they have boasts a wider variety of goods up for grabs.


With a rather cozy and well decorated environment, Otakutachi is a great place to shop and comfortably choose your next addition to your collection.

Otakutachi also boasts a large selection of Pre-order figurines and merchandises which may be hard to get your hands on outside of Japan. You can check out their pre-order listing on their Facebook!

Personally what I really love about Otakutachi is the fact that you can have a great close up look of the Figurine or keychain you wish to grab, before you add it into your collection.

Here’s some great news. Neko No Gensou will be running our very first Giveaway! We’re giving away $10 Otakutachi cash vouchers to 2 of our readers! If you’re keen, you can find out more about the Giveaway right here.


Stay tune for more awesome news upcoming! Cheers!

Culture Japan Night 2014

Immediately after AFA 2014, taking place at Jurong Regional Library is Culture Japan Night(CJ Night). Hosted by celebrity blogger and Director of Culture Japan, Danny Choo, CJ night is an event held yearly after AFA. This event is more of a gathering where you get a chance to learn a little more about the industry in Japan. More importantly, making new friends.

Having been following Danny’s blog since before the first AFA in 2008, I can say, he’s come a long way. From simply his blog color scheme being Orange that first caught my attention, to now a blog filled with many awesome information about Japan. In addition, he has been producing his very own line of dolls, the Smart Dolls. To be honest, I’d love to grab one of these dolls and bring them home during AFA. Though sadly, my wallet doesn’t agree with me.

Back to the event itself. It was a rather eye opening event. Not in terms of display, but the things Danny spoke about. Though lots of people brought their dolls and nendroids.

Even I brought Cherio with me.

A few quick highlights of what was mentioned at CJ night.
We start off with Danny giving us a brief, but rather detailed, summary of his life and progress of his business since the last CJ night in 2013.

One thing I really like about Danny, is how he tries to actually make friends with the crowd rather than just give a speech or talk.

He talked about how he had moved offices, about how some new members had join his team, some of the milestones and joys over the year. He also shared the hardships he had gone through as well as the risks he took to get to where he is today. To be honest, its really inspiring to hear him talk about how he made his passion into his career.

Some of the things he brought up during this year’s CJ night are also great news. Some not so great for my wallet XD.

First thing first, he’ll be going to various countries such as, but not only, Philippines for Toycon and Thailand for AFA Thailand. He would also be trying to get involved in fashion events as well. He also mentioned he will be back in Singapore in May for a huge popculture convention yet to be announced! Hurray!!

Mirai has also been doing government jobs as of late as well by appearing on travel maps for Japan and Malaysia. I really hope a Singapore version appears soon.

He’s also planning to grow his Smart Doll product line. Aiming to promote his Smart Doll as the next Global Brand Fashion Doll, such as Barbie, as well as going into the fashion industry. He’s also aiming to bring down production costs to bring down the retail prices! Cheers!

Some of the Smart Dolls on display


To top it up, he’s also looking at producing more apparels for not only the Smart Doll, but for humans as well. That’s right, both you and your doll can have matching clothes. He’s also thinking of producing other goods such as wallets ,waist pouches, shoes and spectacles.

Still in the making is the Smart Doll Guy. Though the final name for this series of male dolls is yet to be finalized, he announced that the first doll would be Eiji, a guy in the Mirai Millennium series.

He’s also hoping to produce character dolls for Yagami Light from Death Note and Snake from Metal Gear. I’m looking forward to these releases.

Yagami Light from Deathnote. Image from Wikipedia
Solid Snake. Artwork by Oxeyclean

So how are we going to get our hands on these awesome stuff in the near future? Well, they’re gonna be up for grabs on a online store which is yet to be launched.

Well, that’s pretty most of the key highlights he mentioned. Though I have to say, his talks, aside from the large amount of good news, are actually very inspirational. Especially when he talks about how he got to where he is today. I’d strongly urge anyone who can take some time off to actually join the next CJ night.

For now I’ll leave you with some shots I got during the CJ night.

Revival of Godzilla Film in 2016!

Toho’s vision of their new building in Shinjuku

Toho has announced the revival of Godzilla films! The previous film made by Toho was in 2004, titled Godzilla Final Wars. 12 years later in 2016, Toho will be doing a “made-in-Japan” Godzilla film once again! Maybe it was because of the success of the Hollywood adaptation of Godzilla, who knows.

Trailer of Godzilla Final Wars (source)

The below is a translation from the announcement at Nikkei:

The new film will be made entirely by Toho. Currently Toho is selecting the staff and cast for the film, which is set to start filming in Summer 2015. Toho has not decided whether to use a costume or CG for Godzilla. Toho hopes to expand the spread of Godzilla before the release of the film. Firstly, they are going to make a 1:1 size Godzilla head on top of the Toho building set to open in April 2015. The head is going to be exactly positioned at 52m from the ground, which coincides with the height of the first Godzilla in its film in 1954. The head, as Toho claimed, will be a new significant landmark of Shinjuku!

Toho also expressed their pride at their first attempt at franchising the Godzilla franchise to America for the recent Godzilla film, which they claimed was a hit worldwide.

Godzilla also won the Guiness Award for the longest continuously used franchised film.

I can’t wait for the film to release! How about you?

UPDATE (12 Dec 2014): Koichi Kawakita, the SPFX Director of the Godzilla films, has passed away, update here.

Source: Nikkei

Pokémon Center is right at your doorstep!!!

Hi everyone, its been slightly past a week since the epic launch of ORAS. So I’m hoping by now you’ve caught most of the Pokémons in the game! (My own pokedex is far from completion TwT)

So now having spent hours in the Pokémon world, don’t you hope you can actually cuddle those cute Pokémons? Here’s some great news! Pokémon Center Merchandises are now up for grabs in Singapore! Best part, they’re delivered up to your door step. Well at least in Singapore >///<;

On top of it, theres FREE delivery when you spent above $40!

How can you resist not bringing these fairies home???

Check out the entire range of Plushies and other merchandises right here on Rakuten Singapore!

So a quick summary of the Pokémon Center.

“The Pokémon Center is a specialist store for Pokémon goods, and can be found in 8 locations
– Sapporo, Tohoku(Sendai), Tokyo, Tokyo-Bay(Chiba), Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka.
The wide range of original Pokémon Center goods are the most popular items found at the Pokémon Center. ”

– Quoted from Rakuten Singapore Website

So without further ado, lets check out some of the highlights of the merchandises available for grabs!

So first up, Plushies!

The Pokémon Center offers a premium spread of plushies. Ranging from really cute Fairies all the way to the awesome Mega Evolutions!

Not forgetting, there’s the large and huggable Diance up for adoption as well!

Well, if these are too big and space consuming for your liking, you have the options of small Pokémon Plushie Keychains, where you can hang them on your bag or phone and bring them out for your daily adventures!

You also have a wide range of handphone straps to choose from that will surely brighten up your life!

Well, if you’re looking for something really small and neat, there’s always the small handphone charms that you can grab as well.  Personally, I think these charms make awesome pendants. You could always bring them to your neighborhood handicraft shop and get them stringed up with a necklace.

So now you have a quick preview of the merchandises, do visit Rakuten Singapore to grab your Pokémon needs!

Since Christmas is just round the corner, I do think these would make lovely gifts for Pokémon lovers out there.

Big Hero 6 – After Thoughts

Besides Gunpla, Pokemon and the endless battle to leave our beds, our Nekogensou team has finally caught Baymax, I mean Big Hero 6 on the silver screen.

So after all this hype and and hoo ha over Baymax, we decided to set aside a bit of time to catch this master piece. Which might end up not very healthy on my(Mikaneko) wallet. Well, more details to be posted if my wallet is to murdered by Baymax.

So lets start off with a quick synopsis on the movie.

So in a very brief summary, Our protagonist, Hiro, gathers a team of 6, including a healthcare bot, baymax, to hunt down a masked villain responsible for his brother’s death.

Shortest summary I can give.

So why did I love the movie? Well first of all there’s the cuddly Baymax. How can anyone not love Baymax.

Well if you are comparing it to the original Baymax from the Marvel comics in the 1990s. Well, erhmmm… Maybe not so cuddly.

Overall, I feel that the character designs gel very well together. A bunch of teenagers, coming together to form a super hero team. They aren’t overpowered or anything, their weapons are just upgrades from their school projects. Neither do they fight like professionals. They basically YOLO and fight rather recklessly with poor coordination as a team. However things just somehow work out. Kind of reminds me of how we rush school projects sometimes with a single goal, but not with a solid plan.

As for Hiro, I felt there was a good development in character throughout the show. He starts off as a smart brat. And ends off slightly more mature. The way he speaks, the way he acts, though looking much more mature than at the start of the show, there’s still the ‘brat’ feel to it till the end of the show.

Even Baymax had an interesting character development through the show. He was becoming more human and understanding. Somehow, it felt like Baymax had developed feelings and own thought cycle, which was more evident through as the show progressed. However, there’s still some robotic protocols he was still unable to leave behind, such as “are you satisfied with your care?” question before deactivation.

The other characters though, I feel may be a bit lacking in focus, but well, its a single movie, there’s 6 heroes. So well, I guess having done focusing on 2 of the 6 characters is good enough.

The villain however, I felt his outfit was very sleek and had this cool feel to it. It sorts of blends in with his hand swinging actions to control the micro-bots and he looks really awesome doing it. Though its kind of shown, that the only reason why he’s strong is because of the micro-bots and nothing else. He wasn’t any overpowering villain. He was just like the heroes, just with a little more convenient technology to aid him.

Lets move on to the setting. The futuristic city of San Fransokyo. Quite obviously taking San Fransisco and Tokyo and mashing the names together. On top of that, the mashed the cities’ architecture and culture together, which gave it this weaboo, but awesome feel to it. Well, definitely a unique city.

On top of that, lots of homages were done throughout the entire show. Baymax was armed with the Rocket Punch and wings Similar to the Mazinger.

In addition, small details such as Wreck-It-Ralph posters and Power Rangers like masks were displayed in Hiro’s room, which created a very pop culture kind of feel, at the same time paying homage to the various series. This actually helped to make the show feel very natural and complete as well.

They also did the on the ‘roof top watching sunset’ kind of scene as well, which is very often done in animes.

Oh not forgetting. Meow…

As for the overall plot. I personally felt it was Very predictable though. However, as predictable as it may be, the way the story is told is truly impressive. The way they subtly hint from the start till how it concluded. It hits me in the soft spot. I especially like the pacing of it as well.

Yea, I mean Big Hero 6 is a ‘Hero’ film. I do feel it may not necessarily be the best ‘Hero’ film. Though I think there’s really no need to compare it even though it makes lots of reference, because its really good as it is.

Screen Cap from Blue Blazes.

If you haven’t caught Baymax, I mean Big Hero 6 on the Big Screen, I suggest you take a little time off and go have some fun at the cinema. Well, there’s always a chance that after the movie, you might pop by a departmental store and grab your very own Baymax! Don’t worry, I doubt my own temptations can be contained after my next paycheck is in.

Anyways off to go transcribe some exclusive interview. Keep a close watch on our blog to see what it is!

Stepping into the world of TCG with Summoner’s

Trading Card Games(TCG) have been around for decades. Through the years, we’ve seen various TCG series appearing in the market and disappearing. Some TCG have even been actively played for way past a decade and are still popular these days. Even some of our writers collect and play a couple of TCGs. Wanting to find out a little more about the history and community of TCG locally, we at Neko no Gensou decided to pay a visit to a local card shop to learn a little more about TCG in Singapore.

Located near Somerset MRT, on the 2nd floor of Cuppage Plaza, there’s a card shop called Summoner’s.

Although Summoner’s is only 11 months old, the shop runs weekly events and has become a gathering point for many card players.

It was packed with card players when we arrived at the location.

At Summoner’s, you not only have a wide range of TCG such as Magic The Gathering(MTG), Weiβ Schwarz(WS), Vanguard and Buddy Fight, you also have an extensive selection of cards sleeves.


We were really lucky and glad to have a chance to have a quick interview with Zechariah despite him being rather busy with tending to the shop. So without further ado, here’s our interview with him!


QN: So could you share with us a little bit more about yourself?

Just an average guy, 25 years old, living on this Earth. Just happened to have an interest in card games, so I decided to host and run my own card shop and see how is it like to run something like Summoner’s.

QN: Which was your first TCG and how U got to know?

My First TCG was MTG. Where by a friend of mine during poly invited me to his place and he was like “Oh, Play magic with me.” Then I was like Ok~ Then he started to give me all his common cards and then he thrashed me with all his rare cards. So ya~

And of course in poly, I got introduced to other card games such as WS. After that I started playing like Chaos and Vanguard as well. Basically whatever Summoner’s have, I’ve played it.

QN: How did you get your cards in the past?

In the Past would be local stores such as Comics Mart, Hobby SG and World of JJ.

QN: TCG have been around for very long, but how has the TCG in general developed over the years?

There’s both good and bad.

Well, I’ll start of with the bad side first. With the advance of technology, people will be less supportive of local shops anymore. Like there is Ami Ami and Amazon. There’s also Star City Games for MTG. So for people to actually get their cards, they would just ship in from overseas. Its slightly cheaper than what retailers are selling.

But for the good side, especially for the older generation, they often bring in their friends into the game as well as teach the younger ones how to play the various card games. So you always see new players coming in. So the community is ever-growing and its also very closely knitted for some communities. You always get to see friends gathering together, helping each other to grow. Card gaming is actually more of a lifestyle, where you will meet new friends, know more people. Thats the good stuff.

QN: Any idea how is the local scene different as compared to overseas?

For MTG its actually almost the same. Though overseas there are more store events such as Pro-Tour Qualifiers and Grand Prix Trials. For Singapore, like Summoner’s and other card shops, we hold Grand Prix Trials, and the major event is Grand Prix Singapore, which is happening next year 2015. For those who wish to play Pro-Tours, we have a local Pro-Tour Qualifier. If you win, you’ll be flown overseas to play in another round of Pro-Tour qualifiers before you are invited to play in the Pro-Tours.

For WS side, its more or less what we are holding in Singapore. Single elimination & Swiss rounds tournaments. For the major events is usually hosted by Genesis Frontier and Bushiroad, where they try to copy what is being done in Japan, so its actually not very different.

QN: Do you have any particular TCG in your collection that is your favorite?

MTG. For one, its been stuck with me throughout the years and I met many new friends. Old friends also get back together play. Its also more complex, more things to do and more interaction. For those who are actually interested to go professional in it, there’s actually proper support. Where by if you are a pro-player, they give you free packs and money. If you actually win tournaments, you win large amounts of money. Some pro-players are actually living off it.

WS is my second favorite. I got to know more new people and anime is pretty much the entirety of my life at the moment,

QN: As for yourself personally, what do you think is so unique about TCG as compared to online games?

For traditional card games, you are actually playing on a table. I’m actually aware of online versions of the games for MTG and WS. For the traditional one, you actually put in effort to meet up with the person, you play with your opponent, you learn different skills such as developing a poker face, try to bluff opponents and such. Also when you see your opponent and play with him, you actually get to know the person. What kind of decks is he playing, what kind of things that he likes. Lets say for WS, if you into a certain series such as Nisekoi or Kancolle, you actually just buy the entire series and just play, usually just along the series itself. For MTG, it depends on the colors. Red means you are probably slightly more aggressive. Blue is control, where it means you are probably trying to bluff your opponent into playing the play that you want. In short, you actually gain more interactions than you actually have online and you know how people feel, you get to make new friends as compared to playing online, where its just behind the screen, where you don’t actually form a new bond. There are cases where people who play online who actually forge a real bond, but for all you know, he’s probably living overseas or something, so you don’t really get to meet often. I have my own online friends and stuff, but I think playing among my friends in real life is much better. I get to catch up with them, face to face, and see how they are doing and stuff like that.

QN: Have you ever thought about making your own TCG?

Yes I did. Plenty of times! I actually drafted and created my own balance and original systems. Its just that the lack of resources is my main problem. Resources such as artists, game testing and such. Its just the lack of resource that stops me.

QN: What actually makes Summoner’s stand out from the other shops?

Its definitely the community. The community is actually very closely knitted as compared to some shops. Its like, people in the shop knows one another, everyone knows everyone. Whether you are new, or from a different clique, you tend to be friendly with them. Even people from different circles, such as the cosplay circle, they have good friends around here as well, so we get to know each other also. We’ve also got lots of friendly people here, who will help you build your decks or even teach a newcomer how to play. Even if a complete stranger walks in, we have people who will invite them for a game and things start from there. Its a forging point for some friendships, and its a place where everyone can hang out with no pressure.

“Don’t mess with the boss!” That’s Zechariah with his Garruk Mask!

QN: How different has it been since you started running Summoner’s as compared to being just part of the community?

We were all players at one point. We come here, hang out and don’t see whats behind the counter. As a shop owner, what I’m actually stressing over is whether if a product will sell. Whether people will come for my store events, tournament prizes and stuff. Its actually a fun and stressful process. The planning process may be stressful, but when people actually come here, play and enjoy themselves, they feel their time is not wasted. Its just a feeling of happiness from behind the counter, when People actually come together and have fun and for them to choose to play here and making new memories for themselves while you are speaking to customers, making transactions and such. Its great to see people making new friends, socializing among one another.

QN: Anything new or upcoming customers could keep an eye out for? (AFA, Sales etc.)

That would be the 22nd and 29th of November, we having this Royal Retailer Rumble for WS and Vanguard. Where by the winner of these events will represent the shop, Summoner’s, to play at a bigger event somewhere in December. When they win, both the shop and the players get their own unique benefits.

QN: Is there anything else you would like to mention?

If you have no where to go and you fancy a new place to visit, you can come visit us. I really do thank everyone for their support these 11 months. It was not easy for the first few months, like getting people to come by. I’m actually really glad that people who came from the beginning are still coming here regularly and are still bringing in more people, I’m really thankful for that. This is a place where everyone belongs.

As quoted by Shiroe in Log Horizon, “I’ll only have a place for myself, after I’ve made one for others.”


That wraps ups our interview with Zechariah from Summoner’s.

So if you’re keen to learn how to play some TCG or you’re looking for some booster packs, do check out their facebook page.

Summoner’s Website

Summoner’s Facebook Page


Or you could always pop their shop at Cuppage Plaza and have a look!


5 Koek Road, Cuppage Plaza, #02-17

Singapore 228796