Nobuo Uematsu Works With London Symphony Orchestra At Abbey Road Studios For Latest Final Fantasy Album

Photo from @vgmconcerts

Famous and popular video game music composer Nobuo Uematsu 植松伸夫 is set to work with London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, both regarded as world-class entities. Soundtrack enthusiasts would not be unfamiliar with these names, as they are often found on the labels of blockbuster Hollywood films.

The album, containing tracks from the ever-popular Final Fantasy series, is set to release in early 2015 under the name “Final Symphony”, published by X5 Music Group. The album will be seeing a broadcast exclusively before the official release on UK’s Classic FM, which you can tune into online here.

The official track list is not out yet, but according to the past concert series under the name “Final Symphony”, it should be safe to expect similar repertoire in the album, with tracks from Final Fantasy VI, VII and X, with exclusive arrangements by Masashi Hamauzu, Jonne Valtonen and Roger Wanamo.

I would definitely attempt to get my hands on this spectacular and resounding album when it releases, being a huge fan of Uematsu, LSO and Abbey Road Studios.

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