Attack on Titan in Singlish!?

So a group of Singaporeans decided to add some Singaporean flavour by dubbing a famous scene in Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人) in Singlish. And the result is hilarious (and too real).

Here you go (turn on subtitles if you’re not familiar with Singlish):

Wah lao eh the things people do, but not bad ah like awesome only.

Model Kits Heaven – Hobby Art

For our readers watching Build Fighters, keen on getting your own Gunpla? Or possibly customizing them? Well here’s a pretty neat place where you can grab your needs.

Remember some time back where there was a Neo Zeong Group Build? Yup, that place is your answer!

Hobby Art Gallery and Hobby Art @ Work is a heaven for you to get all you need.

Hobby Art Gallery
Hobby Art @ Work


Hobby Art Gallery – 91 Bencoolen Street, Sunshine Plaza #01-44 Singapore 189652

Hobby Art @ Work – 12 Arumugam Rd, Lion Building B #06-04 Singapore 409958

With both shops easily reachable via MRT, you can drop by after work or during the weekends to actually have a look at what’s up for grabs. You could also check out their Facebook Page.

So here’s a quick preview of the stash of awesome Model Kits you can grab at these places.

Hobby Art Gallery


Hobby Art @ Work

There’s also a great variety of tools that will aid your Model Kit Building as well.

To top that up, there’s also a large spread of third party parts, which are lovely for customization.

And some electronics to light up your kits.

If you’re actually keen to paint or coat your Model Kits, the spread of paint available is also huge.

If you’re keen to grab a couple of Model Kits, you might want to pop by soon as they’re having a 30% off for all Bandai Plastic model kits, 10% off for all paints, tools and accessories except those with yellow tag. Just note that the discount is only not applicable to Expo limited/exclusives, Premium Bandai (P-Bandai) products and Pre-order items. On top of that, members will enjoy an additional 5% off.

If you’re actually keen to learn more or improve your Model Kit building skills, you could also consider dropping by as there’s lots of really friendly people in the shop who are willing to share their experience with you. To be honest, even I myself learned a lot about Model Kit Building from them as well.

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Shopping Spotlight – Otakutachi

With a short walk from either Dhoby Ghaut, Bras Basah or Bugis MRT, you could find yourself in an Anime Merchandise Paradise.

Previously located in a small corner of Bishan, the new shop that they have boasts a wider variety of goods up for grabs.


With a rather cozy and well decorated environment, Otakutachi is a great place to shop and comfortably choose your next addition to your collection.

Otakutachi also boasts a large selection of Pre-order figurines and merchandises which may be hard to get your hands on outside of Japan. You can check out their pre-order listing on their Facebook!

Personally what I really love about Otakutachi is the fact that you can have a great close up look of the Figurine or keychain you wish to grab, before you add it into your collection.

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Stay tune for more awesome news upcoming! Cheers!

Pokémon Center is right at your doorstep!!!

Hi everyone, its been slightly past a week since the epic launch of ORAS. So I’m hoping by now you’ve caught most of the Pokémons in the game! (My own pokedex is far from completion TwT)

So now having spent hours in the Pokémon world, don’t you hope you can actually cuddle those cute Pokémons? Here’s some great news! Pokémon Center Merchandises are now up for grabs in Singapore! Best part, they’re delivered up to your door step. Well at least in Singapore >///<;

On top of it, theres FREE delivery when you spent above $40!

How can you resist not bringing these fairies home???

Check out the entire range of Plushies and other merchandises right here on Rakuten Singapore!

So a quick summary of the Pokémon Center.

“The Pokémon Center is a specialist store for Pokémon goods, and can be found in 8 locations
– Sapporo, Tohoku(Sendai), Tokyo, Tokyo-Bay(Chiba), Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka.
The wide range of original Pokémon Center goods are the most popular items found at the Pokémon Center. ”

– Quoted from Rakuten Singapore Website

So without further ado, lets check out some of the highlights of the merchandises available for grabs!

So first up, Plushies!

The Pokémon Center offers a premium spread of plushies. Ranging from really cute Fairies all the way to the awesome Mega Evolutions!

Not forgetting, there’s the large and huggable Diance up for adoption as well!

Well, if these are too big and space consuming for your liking, you have the options of small Pokémon Plushie Keychains, where you can hang them on your bag or phone and bring them out for your daily adventures!

You also have a wide range of handphone straps to choose from that will surely brighten up your life!

Well, if you’re looking for something really small and neat, there’s always the small handphone charms that you can grab as well.  Personally, I think these charms make awesome pendants. You could always bring them to your neighborhood handicraft shop and get them stringed up with a necklace.

So now you have a quick preview of the merchandises, do visit Rakuten Singapore to grab your Pokémon needs!

Since Christmas is just round the corner, I do think these would make lovely gifts for Pokémon lovers out there.

AFA Regional Cosplay Championship 2014 – Interview with Team Singapore

Today Neko no Gensou brings to you an exclusive interview with AFA Regional Cosplay Championship (ARCC) 2014 Singapore Representatives!


ARCC is held annually at Anime Festival Asia. It is one of Asia’s most renown Cosplay competition. During this year’s International Cosplay Day Singapore (ICDS), the best craftsmanship team was invited by the AFA committee to represent Singapore in the ARCC this year.

Photo by Foxfoo Photography

Members of the team are Saiko and Min Lauren. Both of them have been cosplaying for a couple of years now, the ARCC is their first major competition yet. Below you can view more of their awesome cosplays.


Saiko – Saiko Heartz Cosplay

Photo by The Art of Mezame    The Art of Mezame is also going to run a workshop on night photography. Do check out his page for more details!


Min Lauren – Muramin

Photo by Decky Visualgraphy


And here’s their breath taking performance at ICDS 2014.

Video Credits to Operation P.Ani.C


I managed to get and interview with them despite their packed schedule and rushing their preparations for the big day! They’re a really lively and fun duo making the interview session really fun and hillarious.

So lets find out more about what they have to say!

QN: Could you tell use a little more about yourselves and how did you all meet?

Saiko: I actually met because Min was a customer for prop commission.

Min: She helped me do the Alice Vorpal Blade and that’s how we got to know each other and soon got rather close.

QN: How did both of you get to know and start cosplay?

Saiko: I started cosplaying in December 2006. EOY was the first event I attended.  I actually found out of the event 3 days before the event. So when I saw this event, I decided to dress up for the event. So I cosplayed Misa from Deathnote and actually took part in a Deathnote Cosplay competition. That was my first cosplay and my first competition.

Min: I started in 2010, through a friend. He introduced me to the world of cosplay. I kind of like to join the scene after a while. Hell Girl was my first cosplay, and it was actually quite bad.

QN: Whats the most enjoyable part about cosplaying?

Saiko: I like crafting more actually. Sometimes I actually feel awkward when I am in costume. I prefer masked cosplays where my face is covered. Masks give me more courage! *giggles*

Min: I actually enjoy being my favorite character as well as the costume making process.

Photo by Xeverous Photography Min is on the right.

QN: Do you make your own costumes?

Saiko: Yes, most of them. I started out buying though, but now I do my own.

Min: Not all, but I’m starting to make my own costume. The ARCC costume would probably my first costume I made on my own from scratch.

QN: What’s your favorite kind of cosplay?

Saiko: Horror Genre. Everyday’s Halloween~

Min: Mostly crazy characters. Ranging from mentally deranged characters to the psychotic ones.

QN: So far, which is your favorite cosplay that you have done so far?

Saiko: Bubble Head Nurse from Silent Hill, because we go round scaring people for fun.

Min: Toph Beifong from Air bender. I’ll be having a proper photoshoot for it soon!

Photo by Sandeep Murali | Photography   Saiko is the Bubble Head Nurse right in front.

QN: Any memorable experience you had with while to cosplaying or making your costume?

Saiko: Last year wanted to join GE3 competition as Flesh Maiden Alice. However I started working on it too last minute. On the morning on the event I was still working on the costume. When I realized it was impossible to finish on time, I threw it one side and cried. It took me some time before I got back to finishing it and eventually wore it for Cosfest and ICDS.

Min: The first time I put my contact lens into my eyes. It was painful. When I first wore it, I thought is was all fine. A moment later, it burns!

QN: How did the two of you end up deciding to join the ICDS competition?

Min: Impromtu~

Saiko: Actually it was pretty much a roll over from GE3

Photo by Darkon Lore

QN: So how did you feel when you were invited to represent Singapore in ARCC?

Saiko: WTF are you serious. You bluffing me right?

Min: OMG Really? Ok whatever, lets join!

QN: What are your thoughts on the competition itself?

Min: Stress, Mostly stress.

Saiko:  Yup.

Min: Calls Saiko for help but she never answers her phone.

(Saiko was giving Min a Death glare for a moment there. >.>)

QN: How’s the preparations ongoing?

Min: Good question.

Saiko: For us to know and for you to find out. We would rather not comment too much on this now.

(Rest assured fellow Singaporeans, I’ve seen their progress and its going good. :3)

QN: So what should we be looking forward to see at ARCC?

Min: Saiko Prominent skills in crafting. Saiko Go!

Saiko: Lights! And a fight you have never seen before!

Both: We going to be the very best that no one ever was. (And the song continues)

QN: Anything else you would wish to mention?

Saiko: We are very nice. We are very nice people and we won’t eat you.

Min: Please come support Team Singapore!


That would wrap up our interview with Saiko and Min! Lets wish them all the best at the ARCC Competition!

Team Singapore FIGHT ON!

If you would like to catch them in action on stage, don’t forget to drop by AFA 2014 this year from 5-7 December at the Suntec City Convention Centre!

For more information on AFA 2014, do check out their official page at :

For now, team Neko no Gensou signing off! Hope to see you at AFA!

(Time to finish our own costumes as well >w<;)

Build Fighters Try Episode 6: Winning Road!

Mikaneko here with another explosive episode of Gundam Build Fighters Try!

Before moving onto the episode itself! WHEEEEE!!! Winning Gundam has more footage in the opening sequence!!!!

Starting off this week, we have Team Try Fighters celebrating their victory in the first round!

However Yuu seems to be a little disturbed by the fact that Sakai approached him after the previous round.

Over at Sekai’s place, the trio were watching the rules of the championship as Sekai didn’t understand it when Hoshino tried to explain it to him.

Cameo of the Original Trio is the first Gundam!

But Well….

Mirai came back with some drinks, and well Yuu suddenly got motivated~

Tagging along with Mirai was Ral, who came over to tell the team who is their next opponent.

Science Club of Seiren Technical College, Team SRSC.

Formed with a team who does large amounts of research on their opponents before the battle and strategizes based on the opponents abilities and personalities, they are said to be able to rule the battlefield.

Sakai then drops by Yuu’s family cafe and tells Yuu that his team will definitely lose to SRSC and asks Yuu to focus on building instead of battling.

Later that night, Hoshino gathers the team and shows them the secret function of Winning Gundam, Winning Road.

The day of the competition arrives, and its starts off with Gyanko’s team beating up their opponents.

After which dedicating the victory to Sekai who obviously rejects it.

Team Try Fighters vs SRSC Begins.

And well, Mr.Ral was late as he overslept.

Being in a forested area, this gave SRSC an advantage.

By using methods such as jamming signals and stealth cloaking, topped up with taking advantage of Team Try Fighters personality, they completely cornered the trio.

Just as they thought they could defeat Hoshino’s Winning Gundam, Winning Gundam splits apart.

Upon breaking apart, the Winning Gundam parts became add-on parts for the other 2 Gunplas. For Sekai, it was the Winning Knuckle for his Build Burning Gundam.

And Bam, Earthquake! The whole battle field is cleared of all the tactical traps.


The Lightining Gundam Equips the Winning launcher and Snipes his enemy from afar.

The Core Fighter of the Winning Gundam defeats one enemy.

Last but not least, The Build Burning finishes the last opponent, securing their victory,

And this week’s episode ends off with Team G Master getting  a new transfer student, Suga Akira


Well that wraps it up for the episode!

This week was a little more of a clash of strategies, and pretty much a good display of the Team Try Fighter’s Capabilities. Though I think in the episodes to come, its probably almost time for the Team Try Fighters to probably lose a fight or struggle with the opponent, and probably an upgrade >////<


Anyways, Mikaneko signing off!


Garo : Honoo No Kokuin – Episode 6 Where it all begins…


Mikaneko with the first single episode review of Garo: Honoo no Kokuin~~~

So starting of this episode was a slight flashback on Alphonso’s adventure last week. After which, our Father and Son combo reaches Santa Bard, where Leon’s mother was burnt on the stake.

Moving on, we see a bunch of soldiers marching their way to a Black Smith’s Workshop. The Boss of the work shop, and a young boy, Julio, goes over to greet the knights, expecting the boss’s son, Sergi, to be coming home.

However, all that was given to them was Sergi’s sword.

Devastated by the loss of his son, the boss closes his workshop and sends his workers away. Only Julio stayed behind.

At this moment, the gate opens via Sergi’s sword and the horror from within possessed the boss.

Leon and German then out to scout the town for more info. This was where German bumped into Julio, asking for more information. The boss then walks out of the workshop and invites German for a drink at the bar.

Over at the market place, our dear Leon gets caught up with some prostitutes, but he was rescued from the mess by Emma.

It is later revealed that Leon is still a ‘child’ in certain matters, according to Emma. Emma cautions Leon to be more cautious before taking her leave.

Meanwhile at the bar, the boss shared with German that to be knighted, one must go through a test where they usually end up killing each other. Leading them is also this black knight, who looks are already fearsome to his enemies.

However, when he brought up about his son, Sergi, he had a headache and left the bar.

The boss then approaches a few knights along the streets and asks where is his son, when they couldn’t give him an answer, he turned into his horror form and devoured them.

Back at the market place, a boy who shoplifted was beaten up by a store owner. Julio tried to reason with the store owner who refused to let the boy go. Leon steps in and pays for what the boy stole.

Julio invited Leon over to his place, and on the way, he explained how in the past he was in the same state, and the boss of the workshop saved and adopted him back then.

Upon reaching the workshop, they saw German waiting outside. When the boss came back, the 4 of them had dinner together.However, during dinner, German and Leon had a petty Father and Son argument, which pissed off the boss and asked them to scram.

After the Duo leaves the workshop, Julio runs out and says there is something wrong with the boss, and with a quick investigation, they realized the boss was already a horror.

German requests Leon to stay back as he dealt with this horror personally.

What I find really awesome about this week’s horror is how he can reinforce his sword using the furnace x hammer on his shoulder.



Watching from a distance is Emma.

German and Emma then trading the information they gathered.

It is then revealed that being knighted means being possessed by a horror.

It is then known to Mendosa that the two makai knights and Emma is in their kingdom. The person who is supposedly the ‘Black Knight’ says he will settle it himself.

Overall, this week’s episode was action packed and they are slowly moving into deeper into the plot. They’ve also established the situation in Santa Bard pretty well. Not to mention, next week is episode 7. A common pattern in the Garo series, Episode 7 is usually the episode with a major/important fight that drive the plot to a faster and more intense pace. >////< I’m suspecting a Knight Vs Knight fight next week.

Golden Knight Garo – Shining through the years


“Where there is light, shadows lurk and fear reigns… but by the blade of Knights, mankind was given hope…”


This verse was mention at the start of every Garo episode back in 2005. The Garo franchise, which has been running for almost a  decade still boast a unique style and yet ever changing till today. As of present, Garo : Hono no Kokuin, an animated series of Garo, is currently airing. As much as its supposedly a completely separate universe, and continuity, there’s still a huge amount of similarities to the original timeline. In addition, episode 5 of the anime made a vague link to the original series, which I’ll talk more about it later.

General Plot of the Series


In the world, creatures known as Horrors possess humans through the darkness in their hearts. They consume their souls and live as the person, while feeding on other humans. The Makai Knights, since ancient times, along side with Makai Priests, have hunted down the horrors. As much as they may be the hunter of horrors, the powers they used are derived from horrors or darkness as well. Pretty much fighting fire with fire.


This results in limitations such as the armor can only be worn for 99.9 seconds.


Or being consumed by darkness and going berserk.



Some of the most distinct feature of the Garo armor are the Wolf Like face and the gold plated finishing with lots of ancient inscriptions on it.

[T-N]Garo_13[85F51E2B]DVD.avi_snapshot_22.31_[2014.11.02_05.14.43] 25

As well as the Golden armored horse.
The title “Golden Knight Garo” has been passed down from generations. As portrayed in the series, the holders of this title wields great respect among fellow Makai Knights for their strength and ability. Through the years, they have shown us a few individuals who have don the Golden Armor and fought against the Horrors as the Golden Knight. Each of them boast very different distinct personalities, creating a very interesting character build ups throughout the series.

Kouga, the first Garo introduced in the series. A very strict man who has devoted his life to hunting horrors. He inherited his title from his father, whom he looks up upon. Always trying to keep a strong front, he has an issue about expressing his love and emotions for others. Even from the girl he loves, or to the butler who he treats as his family. Pretty much a tsundere. >///<

4 [T-N]Garo_13[85F51E2B]DVD.avi_snapshot_02.51_[2014.11.02_05.03.46] [T-N]Garo_13[85F51E2B]DVD.avi_snapshot_06.36_[2014.11.02_05.06.49] [T-N]Garo_13[85F51E2B]DVD.avi_snapshot_06.40_[2014.11.02_05.06.58] [T-N]Garo_13[85F51E2B]DVD.avi_snapshot_07.41_[2014.11.02_05.07.21] [T-N]Garo_13[85F51E2B]DVD.avi_snapshot_03.57_[2014.11.02_05.04.43]

Its also shown Kouga trained hard to be worthy of the title held by his his late father.

The second holder of the title introduced to the series, Ryuga. First appearing in GARO: Yami no Terasu Mono, a stubborn and rather inmature teenager who is very straight forward with the way he does things. He’s also often acts on his emotions which results in him being rather reckless.

16 [T-N]Garo_Yami_wo_Terasu_Mono_07SD[200DB700].mp4_snapshot_18.10_[2013.06.03_20.09.03]

His armor at the beginning of the series was tainted by darkness. Though its not explained how it ended up in that state.

19 garo-yami19-1

After which is Kouga’s son, Raiga, who debuted in GARO: Makai no Hana. Unlike his dad, Raiga was much more soft hearted and straight forward with his feelings. He handles most situation with a smile, giving him a much more comforting feel as compared to the previous Garos. However, it also makes him feel less intimidating and he does have the Garo Kickass kind of aura.

24 20w

As of now, we have Leon, the protagonist of the ongoing GARO: Honoo no Kokuin. He’s quite a stubborn teenager who is rather rebellious to his dad, who is also a Makai Knight.

13 1

Leon’s armor, however, looks drastically different from the usual Garo armors. In addition, the left side of the armor is cracked and it burns from the inside.

3 4


GARO_13-(003267)17-56-06- Zaruba_(anime)[T-N]Garo_13[85F51E2B]DVD.avi_snapshot_07.16_[2014.11.02_05.06.28]

One of the most iconic supporting characters in the show, is a talking Ring, Zaruba. Known to be extremely talkative, and sometimes being Mr.Obvious, Zaruba is often giving the one with the title of Garo advises, or help detect horrors.

Other Makai Knights

In the Garo series, Garo isn’t the only Makai Knight. For example, in the First series, you have Zero. A dual wielding silver Makai knight.

[T-N]Garo_13[85F51E2B]DVD.avi_snapshot_16.43_[2014.11.02_05.10.49] [T-N]Garo_13[85F51E2B]DVD.avi_snapshot_16.11_[2014.11.02_05.10.39] 14 15

Who is first introduced as Garo’s Rival.


The Dark Knight, Kiba.


Eventually, more Makai Knights are introduce as the series goes on.

6 7


And even more are introduced in the anime.


Makai Priests


They are trained in the art of Makai spells usually tend to be the back end support for the Makai Knights. Though every once in a while, you have a few of them whose abilities can match up to the knights.



The main enemies in the series. They possess humans through darkness in their hearts and use them to feed on other humans. Horrors tend each have a unique trait or method of hunting humans, usually linked to the host’s desire. They tend to appear at night, as such, most of Garo’s fights takes place in the dark.

[T-N]Garo_13[85F51E2B]DVD.avi_snapshot_09.14_[2014.11.02_05.08.25] [T-N]Garo_13[85F51E2B]DVD.avi_snapshot_09.47_[2014.11.02_05.09.10]

[T-N]Garo_13[85F51E2B]DVD.avi_snapshot_12.59_[2014.11.02_05.10.12] [T-N]Garo_13[85F51E2B]DVD.avi_snapshot_13.39_[2014.11.02_05.10.22]

1 2

3 4


Why watch?


For the Live action, aside from the awesome looking Guys and Girls, Garo may be a simple plot of a Knight in shining armor, but it is filled with lots of plot twists.

The topic of human nature and desire is strong in this show, as they often discuss the issues that cause the existence of Horrors. The art direction in Garo is extremely unique as it encompasses a mix of medieval and technology kind of feel, which gives the characters’ wardrobe and sets a very distinct style.


One thing Garo has to boast about would be its well choreographed action scenes. With a good mixed of wired actions and cgi scenes, their fights pack a strong punch in them.


The anime so far


The Garo anime starts of with a witch hunting in a kingdom called Valiante. However this witch hunt is actually used to disguise to killing of Makai Priests and Knights.


Here you have a lady being burnt and out comes the German, Silver Knight Zoro.(who looks has much similarities to Zero in the original series) He rushes into the flames and rescue a baby, who is Leon. They fled to a foreign land where Leon was brought up and trained.

6 7 5

Years later, with Leon now capable of donning the Garo armor. Both his father and him returns to the kingdom with the intention to rescue it from the reign of horrors. However, a fire burns from within Leon, resulting him in possibly going berserk when he dons his armor.

1 17 2 4

Also introduced in the series is Emma, who is a Makai Priest, who uses strings as her main weapon.

Zaruba, was also introduced into the anime, a bit later. In the anime, Zaruba helps to keep the flames burning with Leon under control. However, at present moment, his mouth is sealed and its probably why he isn’t as talkative as he is in the previous installments. Zaruba however, will consume the life of Leon on the day of a full moon every month as a sacrifice, leaving Leon unconscious on that day.


The contract with Zaruba however, feels very similar to the scene where Kouga made a contract with Gajari in Makai Senki.


Alphonso, the prince of Valiante, is shown to be kind hearted and cares for the men of his kingdom. However, after Esmeralda, his mother who is the queen of Valiante, was framed for poisoning the King, his father, he had to flee from the Kingdom.


His Mother had given him a charm, which greatly resembles the Garo armor.

This was all a set up by Mendoza who is using forbidden Makai Tools to manupilate the horrors. He has a great hatred towards to Makai Knights and Priests, but for reason unexplained.

Alphonso is then pursued by the soldiers of the kingdom, which are horrors in disguise. He is then rescued by Rafaelo, who is Gaia, the Defence Knight.



During the day of the full moon, Leon’s life was being given to Zaruba. However as he was unconscious, he met the ‘Garo’, who is wearing an armor similar to the previous series.

From the way I see it, it seems that the ‘Garo’ is a collection on conscious of those who hold the title of Garo from the past, future and even different worlds and realms. This is also present to the previous series of Garo as well.

Kiba.Dark.Knight.Gaiden.2011.DVDRip.XviD-shinostarr.avi_snapshot_36.07_[2014.11.02_05.52.07] [T-N]Garo_13[85F51E2B]DVD.avi_snapshot_18.08_[2014.11.02_05.11.16]

Also as a Gut feeling, I somehow feel that Alphonso might just turn into Kiba, The Dark Knight, in the animation series. In addition, I think the opening sequence did hint a Kiba in the series.

And somehow the armor in the sequence where it is a clash with the Kiba looking armor, the Garo’s armor seems similar to the Live Action rather than anime.

Kiba.Dark.Knight.Gaiden.2011.DVDRip.XviD-shinostarr.avi_snapshot_43.37_[2014.11.02_05.53.25] 10


In Any case, I’ll be ending the article here. >.< Next time I’m gonna write about Garo, its gonna be Episode 6.

Mikaneko, off to get some rest!

WIXOSS Selector Spread – Episode 6


Mikaneko here, bringing to you this week’s WIXOSS : Selector Spread.

Its Episode 6, so we’re halfway through the second season >///<

So opening this week’s episode, we have Futase in the white room, and she over hears Mayu talking about the White Girl and Black girl thing again.

And Mayu pulls off a Beatrice (Umineko) butter fly stunt, then tells Futase to join ‘their’ world. ‘Their’ refering to the black and white girls’ world, which is technically the real human world.

The next moment, she realizes she’s in Fumio’s Body.

We are then treated to some Ulith X Akira moments *cough blood*

And Ulith tells Akira to meet her behind later. -.-

Back with our Heroines, Futase talks about her writer block, as she’s out of plot to write about as she’s written all she knows about LRIGs into her novels.

At this point of time, Ru is thinking about the possibility of Tama being the white girl. At the same time, Iona is feeling something strange in her chest.

The only one who still seems to have her spirits up is Chiyori. However, Chiyori when Chiyori mentions that the novel was born out of Friendship, Futase snaps and goes crazy, saying that friendship cannot solve anything in the real world. In addition, she starts to mention that she’s completely lost track of who she actually is and starts squealing a bit before she goes on writing her novel, though she looks like she’s probably gone insane.

The three of them left Futase’s home, with more confused feelings then when they came over. Its also the first time Chiyori’s mood seems dampened, especially since she looks up to the Novel so much, and the writer seems to have broken down, and isn’t as inspiring as she thought it to be.

At this point of time, Iona suddenly starts to seem unwell.

More Ulith X Akira interupts the moment.

At Ru’s place, Ru tries to take care of Iona, though it doesn’t really help as Iona is still stuck in the card, and she can’t do much except covering up the card with a cloth, using it like a blanket.

Iona, then seems to be in a dream as Mayu tells her that she’s the black girl, with an evil heart, which mentally breaks Iona for a moment.

She briefly wakes up and sees Ru worried for her.

At this point, Hitoe decides to go home as it was getting late, and she leaves Yuzuki to stay overnight with Ru.

Little did she know, she was confronted by Akira, who challenged her to a battle. However, Yuzuki isn’t with her.

Iona finally wakes up, feeling a bit better, though obviously she isn’t in the best of condition.

Ru then receives a call from Akira, who had held Hitoe hostage.

Upon reaching the location where Akira was waiting for her. She sees Hitoe all beaten up by Akira.

Ru initially thought that Akira wants to battle her and is ready for it, however, it turns out that is was all a plan to have Ru and Ulith to meet.

Some quick after thoughts about this week’s episode….

To be honest, I feel the story is starting to pick up the dark pace really really fast, and the intensity is really picking up. At the same time, they’re finally building up more mystery about Mayu. Somehow, I really am suspecting and hoping for a plot twist in the whole Mayu, Tama and Iona thing. Or possibly Ru herself might not be normal.

In any case, lets just wait for the awesome episode next week. TwT Another week of  waiting…