Cat Quest (Nintendo Switch) – Quick Interview + New Information!

At GameStart 2017 (Singapore), we managed to snag the developers for an insanely kawaii (cute) game Cat Quest. Of course, the presence of a Nintendo Switch on their booth table caught our eyes from a distance away too!


What is Cat Quest?

For those unfamiliar with Cat Quest, it is an adorable action-RPG released not too long ago for other platforms. You control a cat (of course) and you explore the open world map, fight enemies and finish up quests like a true hero! Battles happen on the map itself like a mix of Diablo and action MMORPGs.

A true hero can’t live without loot, right? In Cat Quest, you receive random loot drops ranging from weapons, armour, headgear and magic! All equipment show up on your hero cat too as you equip them!

Hands-on Impressions

I’m sold! Having only heard about the game here and there, I have never actually checked out the game in detail, but it has always been at the back of my head.

What I like about Cat Quest after trying it out:

  • Cats! (´・ω・`)
  • Cat puns! Lots of it! Your main homebase is named Catpital, for example.
  • Responsive controls and clear warning when an enemy attack is coming
  • Dressing up your cat hero with awesome loot
  • The graphics are bright, colourful and gorgeous on the Nintendo Switch screen
  • Gameplay is simple to learn but still fun and relaxing to play
  • Open world: you are pretty much able to go anywhere, but like MMORPGs, there are high level monsters that can obliterate you if you are not careful
Cat Quest booth at Game Start 2017!

TL;DR – Release Date, Pricing and technical details that some people (like us) care about

So I managed to grab the awesome team at The Gentlebros at the booth and bombarded some questions, and they were really happy to share some information regarding the release of Cat Quest on Nintendo Switch’s Eshop!

  • Release Date: November 2017 (Pending confirmation)
  • Pricing: US$12.99 and equivalent
  • Estimated 10-15 hours of gameplay, or even more if you are a completionist
  • HD Rumble might be coming in a later patch, but nothing confirmed yet
  • Game engine: Unity
  • Resolution/framerates: 1080p and 60fps docked; 720p and 60fps in handheld mode
  • The Japanese release is handled by Flyhigh Works (publisher of Deemo, Voez, Human Resource Machine and more)

Mew Game Mode is coming in a future update! (includes customisable difficulty as well as around 6 new awesome items – the more difficult the game, the better the rewards). Some of the customizable difficulty options include being unable to level up, permadeath and more!

Check out this adorable flyer!



Mighty Gunvolt Burst Review – Do you like Rockman/Megaman?

Image result for mighty gunvolt burst

Game Summary

Mighty Gunvolt Burst is a retro art style platformer in the vein of Rockman/Megaman with a more modern twist, featuring a crossover of Beck (Mighty No. 9) and Gunvolt (Gunvolt series).

Image result for mighty gunvolt burst

Players: 1
Price: $9.99 (US) / £8.99 (UK) / €9.99 (EU) / ¥980 (Japan)
Platforms: Nintendo Switch (reviewed) / 3DS
Where to buy: Nintendo eShop

What this game is about

The game flow will be extremely familiar if you have played any of the Inafune Keiji platformers (Rockman/Megaman series, Azure Striker Gunvolt, Mighty No. 9).

You start off with a tutorial/introduction stage, after which you can play any of the available stages in any order you wish, as well as re-play them to find the hidden goodies. After completing the stages, you will proceed to the final boss stage(s).

Hardcore blue bomber fans might ask: “What’s new?”

  • Firstly, hidden items are much easier to find (but not to get) as you can turn on “Dousing” in your weapon customization which makes use of HD Rumble to let you know when you are near a breakable wall.
  • Sliding kicks are no more! Instead you can have multiple air-dashes which is great once you get the hang of it!
  • Weapon customization: Ever wanted to change not just the looks, but also the entire behavior from speed, trajectory, spread, curve (and more!) of your shots? Mighty Gunvolt Burst offers an extremely deep weapon customization system for you to craft and optimize the dream weapon that suits you best!
  • No Game-over: The only penalty for dying is just points, which is capped at a certain amount, so you can keep trying until you complete the stage. You keep the important items when you die, so you don’t need to do the crazy areas over and over again.
  • Burst: As part of the title, this is a new feature in the game for score-fanatics. Simply kill enemies within close range to increase the Burst counter and aim for a high score at the end! S-rank is not enough!

Image result for mighty gunvolt burst

Why should you care

  • For those unaware, the “father” of Rockman/Megaman Inafune Keiji is behind this game, under his company Inti-creates.
  • If Mighty No. 9 left a sour taste, have a good rinse! This game will not disappoint you
  • 2 characters – Beck and Gunvolt to play as, each with their own story
  • The weapon customization is the main selling point for a good reason – it’s so extensive you can come up with crazy combos that suit your play-style
  • Charged-shot, for the first time, is based on your custom weapons – you can select ANY of your custom shots as your charged shot
  • It’s very reasonably priced
  • It comes in 2 languages (I got the Japanese eShop version) – English, Japanese and you can toggle in the Settings menu in the game

What you may not like

  • Retro graphics, but this is purely subjective. Personally I think it looks gorgeous on Switch’s screen
  • Difficulty: For those who have not grown up playing sadistic platformers, this game can be quite difficult. For those who find it easy though, there are options to raise the difficulty, and you can also challenge yourself to get S-rank for every stage.
  • Game length: Again, this is subjective as the price is not very high to begin with given that it offers even more content than the old Rockman games.

Image result for mighty gunvolt burst

Game Tips

  • Extra tip: You may need a Pro Controller for this game as I personally feel that the D-pad works better than the analog stick/4 separate directional buttons on the joycon.
  • Try the different weapons! Each of them actually provide a slightly different set of customization options and some “extreme” options can only be found in specific weapon type(s) (eg Explosions x5 for Missiles).
  • Evade! Evading is the main skill you require for the game. No damage means no consuming of precious fruits you find through the stage which can net you tons of points at the end if you didn’t eat them.


If you loved the oldschool Rockman/Megaman games (especially the X series), or have played Azure Striker Gunvolt, what you will get is that the quality way exceeds the price they are asking for, considering that the older games used to cost a lot more.

If you are not familiar with the Inafune platformer games, you will need to know that this game can be hard but the controls are spot-on. If you do not like platformers, it will probably not change your mind. However if you end up loving this game, do check out the old Rockman games (Rockman 1-8, Rockman X1-X4 are my personal recommendations).

Official Trailer


Official site:

Nintendo Switch Promo Page:


Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Serperior Code!

Serperior Fan-art by Pikishi

Here’s some quick news for those playing Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (ORAS for short). Nintendo has announced the redemption code for a Serperior with the ability Contrary!

Code redemption period: 9th January 2015 – 30th November 2015
Code: POKEMON497

Please take note that since the code was announced on Japanese TV (via Pokémon Get☆TV), it may not work on US/EU games. The code is not a one-time use code, so there is no limit to the number of people who can redeem it!

Source: Serebii

Final Fantasy Explorers Light – Impressions and Tips

Release Date: 18 December 2014
Publisher: Square-Enix
Price: (Japanese) 5,800 yen (package/retail version; excluding tax), 4,500 yen (digital version; excluding tax)


Final Fantasy is a name that is familiar to almost all gamers all over the world. However in Final Fantasy Explorers, Square-Enix took a radical change and decided to explore (pun not intended) the action/hunting/crafting genre and added their own twist to the gaming style popularised by Monster Hunter. There is no doubt there are influences and inspirations taken from the latter, but Square-Enix has ensured the game is different and offers more than its inspiration, creating a game fit for Final Fantasy fans. I delved into the demo since its first day of release, and enjoyed every moment of it.

The game will be released tomorrow (18 Dec) as of writing, so let’s round up what the demo provided and how it convinced me to buy the game!

What does the demo contain?

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Pokémon Center is right at your doorstep!!!

Hi everyone, its been slightly past a week since the epic launch of ORAS. So I’m hoping by now you’ve caught most of the Pokémons in the game! (My own pokedex is far from completion TwT)

So now having spent hours in the Pokémon world, don’t you hope you can actually cuddle those cute Pokémons? Here’s some great news! Pokémon Center Merchandises are now up for grabs in Singapore! Best part, they’re delivered up to your door step. Well at least in Singapore >///<;

On top of it, theres FREE delivery when you spent above $40!

How can you resist not bringing these fairies home???

Check out the entire range of Plushies and other merchandises right here on Rakuten Singapore!

So a quick summary of the Pokémon Center.

“The Pokémon Center is a specialist store for Pokémon goods, and can be found in 8 locations
– Sapporo, Tohoku(Sendai), Tokyo, Tokyo-Bay(Chiba), Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka.
The wide range of original Pokémon Center goods are the most popular items found at the Pokémon Center. ”

– Quoted from Rakuten Singapore Website

So without further ado, lets check out some of the highlights of the merchandises available for grabs!

So first up, Plushies!

The Pokémon Center offers a premium spread of plushies. Ranging from really cute Fairies all the way to the awesome Mega Evolutions!

Not forgetting, there’s the large and huggable Diance up for adoption as well!

Well, if these are too big and space consuming for your liking, you have the options of small Pokémon Plushie Keychains, where you can hang them on your bag or phone and bring them out for your daily adventures!

You also have a wide range of handphone straps to choose from that will surely brighten up your life!

Well, if you’re looking for something really small and neat, there’s always the small handphone charms that you can grab as well.  Personally, I think these charms make awesome pendants. You could always bring them to your neighborhood handicraft shop and get them stringed up with a necklace.

So now you have a quick preview of the merchandises, do visit Rakuten Singapore to grab your Pokémon needs!

Since Christmas is just round the corner, I do think these would make lovely gifts for Pokémon lovers out there.

Special Happenings! Pokemon ORAS player, don’t miss them!

So for those who haven’t gotten your copy of Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (ORAS), go grab them now!

If you’re keen to know a little more about the game before buying, you can check out our overview of it here.

At the present moment, there’s a ton of freebies in the game itself up for grabs!

Lets have a look at whats happening and upcoming!!!

#1 Pokémon Special Demo


For those who have played the Demo version previously, don’t forget to transfer over your Mega Glalie or Mega Steelix (Depending on which region your 3DS is) and the other freebies over. Just note that they would be at level 40 and you would require the relevant gym badges to command them properly.


For those who haven’t played the demo, try hunting for demo codes still floating around, or you can obtain them by buying certain games such Pokémon Art academy or hope that someone still has some extra redemption codes stashed somewhere.

To find out more about the demo, you can check out our review here.

#2 Mystery Gift – Shiny Beldum

On going right now all the way till January 14, 2015, as long as you’ve got a copy of ORAS, you would be able to download a free Shiny Beldum through Mystery Gift via the Internet. Do note that this Shiny Beldum is holding a Metagrossite which will allow Metagross to Mega Evolve!

Just remember that the Shiny Beldum is considered a traded pokemon and you will require the relevant gym badges for it to obey you.

#3 EON Tickets

Last but not least, there is the EON Ticket. Depending on you version, you’ll be able to obtain either Latias or Latios through the story. The EON ticket would then allow you to obtain the other one that you couldn’t have obtained initially.

After you obtain the EON ticket, you would be required to bring it to Norman, your father in the game, whom will guide you on a cruise to the Southern Island. On the Island, either Latias or Latios will be waiting for you.

For our fellow Pokémon lovers in Singapore. Here’s the good news. Just keep a close watch on the Maxsoft Facebook page. They’ll be giving away copies of the EON tickets soon. Grab em while stock lasts.

Fret not if you didn’t get the EON ticket. Here’s some good news. When you streetpass a fellow ORAS player with the EON ticket, you get your own copy of it! So to increase your chances of getting your very own EON ticket if you miss the give away, do drop remember to drop by local community gatherings events as well as other Pokémon events that may be held in the near future(really hoping for more things like Pokémon Day).

So what are you waiting for? Grab your very own copy of Pokémon ORAS today!

Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire : Overview

Hey everyone, Mikaneko here with an Overview of Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (ORAS). I currently own a Copy of Omega Ruby while Tsukineko has Alpha Sapphire.

Its been about a week since the official release of ORAS here in Singapore. You can read more about the release event itself here.

So over the past week, during whatever free time I can squeeze out, I’ve been traveling the lands and seas of the Hoenn Region. I did play the original Ruby almost 10 years ago back in primary school on the Gameboy Advance. Through the Decade, Pokémon has come a long way and is now presenting to us our childhood in 3D and more with this epic remake.

The Original box arts from 2003.


I’m in no way comparing the remake to the original graphics. I mean, its 10 years worth of technological advancement. However, overall the graphics and pretty neat. Most of the battle graphics and system seems to be brought over from X and Y. However, I’d say there’s a vast improvement in the graphics for cut scenes in the game, both in the dynamic sequences and character animation.

One of the cut scenes that I think is really well done is the opening sequence. They started it off by using the original scene in first release. After which, it transited into that screen being on the Pokénav console and later flaunted the graphics from then on.

In addition, the Cut scenes for Groudon and Rayquaza is breath taking. It makes it much more impactful rather than Groudon walks up to you or you simply talk to Groudon who is sitting there waiting for you to talk to it.

Graphics for the moves for the Legendary moves are also astounding, Especially the Rayquaza’s Dragon Ascent.

Which you can view here.

There’s also a large roster of Mega Evolutions introduced in ORAS as well. Not forgetting the Primal Evolutions as well.

The Layouts for the towns are still very similar to X and Y, but I think they did an awesome job with improving the graphics for the scenery though.

Gameplay and Content

Gameplay wise, aside from a completely upgraded story from the Original Ruby and Sapphire, ORAS is relatively similar to X and Y. Some of the notable upgrades include a new Pokénav with enables you to identify Pokémons in the moving bushes. In addition, you occasionally tell what is the Pokemon’s First move, which makes it easier to identify Pokemons with rare moves. On top of that, once you have caught a regular wild Pokémon from the bush, you can search out identical species by using the Pokénav. On top of it, it also includes updates of happenings in-game as well as super-training and Poke-amie.

Something I really enjoy is the Pokémon Beauty Contest. Though the flow of the contests remain the same, the graphics and effects made it a lot more impressive.

Whats more fascinating about the Beauty Contest now, is not only you have a special outfit for contest, Pikachu has multiple outfits! Each outfit gives Pikachu a special move with a different appeal type for the beauty contest.

To top it up, they even added a proper plot to the beauty contest portion of the game.

In the later part of the game, you can also ride on Latias or Latios and fly around Hoenn. This new function is really awesome and the scenery is truly breathtaking.

In additions, there’s a wide variety of legendary and starter Pokémons that you can obtain in this game, even without going for events or getting DLCs.

Disappointments, well, there’s two for me. Unlike X and Y, there was a no changing of outfits and hair for the characters except during the beauty contest and during certain scenes only. Secondly, its a bit of a let down that most of the cut scenes does not use the 3D function the 3DS is armed with. Well aside from that, the game is truly awesome!


Overall, this is definitely a game you shouldn’t miss. With quite a lot of content in the game itself, its takes quite a substantial amount of time and effort to clear the game. To top it up, this game is also made compatible with X and Y, which makes trading and battling between the versions absolutely convenient.

Even if you haven’t played the previous Pokémon games, I’m pretty sure ORAS will leave you in awe.

Hurry down to your friendly neighborhood store and grab a copy of the game! This is one investment you won’t regret.

So why should you grab your game now? How about waiting a little more?

I wouldn’t suggest it, because you’re gonna miss out quite a bit of exclusive in-game freebies if you’re getting your copy late.

AFA Regional Cosplay Championship 2014 – Interview with Team Singapore

Today Neko no Gensou brings to you an exclusive interview with AFA Regional Cosplay Championship (ARCC) 2014 Singapore Representatives!


ARCC is held annually at Anime Festival Asia. It is one of Asia’s most renown Cosplay competition. During this year’s International Cosplay Day Singapore (ICDS), the best craftsmanship team was invited by the AFA committee to represent Singapore in the ARCC this year.

Photo by Foxfoo Photography

Members of the team are Saiko and Min Lauren. Both of them have been cosplaying for a couple of years now, the ARCC is their first major competition yet. Below you can view more of their awesome cosplays.


Saiko – Saiko Heartz Cosplay

Photo by The Art of Mezame    The Art of Mezame is also going to run a workshop on night photography. Do check out his page for more details!


Min Lauren – Muramin

Photo by Decky Visualgraphy


And here’s their breath taking performance at ICDS 2014.

Video Credits to Operation P.Ani.C


I managed to get and interview with them despite their packed schedule and rushing their preparations for the big day! They’re a really lively and fun duo making the interview session really fun and hillarious.

So lets find out more about what they have to say!

QN: Could you tell use a little more about yourselves and how did you all meet?

Saiko: I actually met because Min was a customer for prop commission.

Min: She helped me do the Alice Vorpal Blade and that’s how we got to know each other and soon got rather close.

QN: How did both of you get to know and start cosplay?

Saiko: I started cosplaying in December 2006. EOY was the first event I attended.  I actually found out of the event 3 days before the event. So when I saw this event, I decided to dress up for the event. So I cosplayed Misa from Deathnote and actually took part in a Deathnote Cosplay competition. That was my first cosplay and my first competition.

Min: I started in 2010, through a friend. He introduced me to the world of cosplay. I kind of like to join the scene after a while. Hell Girl was my first cosplay, and it was actually quite bad.

QN: Whats the most enjoyable part about cosplaying?

Saiko: I like crafting more actually. Sometimes I actually feel awkward when I am in costume. I prefer masked cosplays where my face is covered. Masks give me more courage! *giggles*

Min: I actually enjoy being my favorite character as well as the costume making process.

Photo by Xeverous Photography Min is on the right.

QN: Do you make your own costumes?

Saiko: Yes, most of them. I started out buying though, but now I do my own.

Min: Not all, but I’m starting to make my own costume. The ARCC costume would probably my first costume I made on my own from scratch.

QN: What’s your favorite kind of cosplay?

Saiko: Horror Genre. Everyday’s Halloween~

Min: Mostly crazy characters. Ranging from mentally deranged characters to the psychotic ones.

QN: So far, which is your favorite cosplay that you have done so far?

Saiko: Bubble Head Nurse from Silent Hill, because we go round scaring people for fun.

Min: Toph Beifong from Air bender. I’ll be having a proper photoshoot for it soon!

Photo by Sandeep Murali | Photography   Saiko is the Bubble Head Nurse right in front.

QN: Any memorable experience you had with while to cosplaying or making your costume?

Saiko: Last year wanted to join GE3 competition as Flesh Maiden Alice. However I started working on it too last minute. On the morning on the event I was still working on the costume. When I realized it was impossible to finish on time, I threw it one side and cried. It took me some time before I got back to finishing it and eventually wore it for Cosfest and ICDS.

Min: The first time I put my contact lens into my eyes. It was painful. When I first wore it, I thought is was all fine. A moment later, it burns!

QN: How did the two of you end up deciding to join the ICDS competition?

Min: Impromtu~

Saiko: Actually it was pretty much a roll over from GE3

Photo by Darkon Lore

QN: So how did you feel when you were invited to represent Singapore in ARCC?

Saiko: WTF are you serious. You bluffing me right?

Min: OMG Really? Ok whatever, lets join!

QN: What are your thoughts on the competition itself?

Min: Stress, Mostly stress.

Saiko:  Yup.

Min: Calls Saiko for help but she never answers her phone.

(Saiko was giving Min a Death glare for a moment there. >.>)

QN: How’s the preparations ongoing?

Min: Good question.

Saiko: For us to know and for you to find out. We would rather not comment too much on this now.

(Rest assured fellow Singaporeans, I’ve seen their progress and its going good. :3)

QN: So what should we be looking forward to see at ARCC?

Min: Saiko Prominent skills in crafting. Saiko Go!

Saiko: Lights! And a fight you have never seen before!

Both: We going to be the very best that no one ever was. (And the song continues)

QN: Anything else you would wish to mention?

Saiko: We are very nice. We are very nice people and we won’t eat you.

Min: Please come support Team Singapore!


That would wrap up our interview with Saiko and Min! Lets wish them all the best at the ARCC Competition!

Team Singapore FIGHT ON!

If you would like to catch them in action on stage, don’t forget to drop by AFA 2014 this year from 5-7 December at the Suntec City Convention Centre!

For more information on AFA 2014, do check out their official page at :

For now, team Neko no Gensou signing off! Hope to see you at AFA!

(Time to finish our own costumes as well >w<;)

Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Launch Day at Funan DigitaLife Mall!

Date: 21 Nov 2014
Time: 3pm – 9pm
Location: Funan DigitaLife Mall

Being big avid fans ourselves (read our demo review!), our journalists ran down to Funan DigitaLife Mall during the launch of Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (ORAS)! Guess what we saw?


It’s amazing how passionate people are with Pokémon and gathered here way before we arrived! I was so amazed, I had to take a video running through the line and making a video out of it.

There was also a quiz contest for the participants. I have never seen Singaporeans waving their hands frantically trying to answer questions. At least not in class.

There was a counter set up with Pokémon Center goods with Tixee staff distributing them for a lucky draw! Too bad I didn’t win the big prizes, but I got something adorable! More details on that later.

While I was here, I could not find the head nor tail of the queue. Security had to step in and maintain order.

It was great to see people actually following the instructions given by the security guards and remaining in order! Great job us!


For those who didn’t get to attend the event, here’s a piece of good news to reward you for lasting until the end of the post!

After 26 November, our friends at Maxsoft has announced that they will be giving out REDEMPTION CODES FOR LATIAS AND LATIOS! All you need to do is to keep tab on Maxsoft’s Facebook Page!

Psst! A little Taillow told us there will be more than 3,000 codes to be given out!

Back to my shameless self-promotion and ego-inflation, I actually won the Tixee lucky draw!

What did I win? The Fennekin sticker set straight from Pokémon Center! Purposely (?) not focused. Look at the awesome games we have instead.

 photo IMG_20141121_211156_zps89047cd0.jpg

For those who didn’t win, well… at least you all got a Dittochu.