AFA 2014 – ARCC coming right up!


Mikaneko here with the latest updates on ARCC at AFA 2014. Happening right now at Suntec City is one of the biggest Pop culture conventions of the year.

Filled with tons of booths and stage happenings, there is no reason for you miss out this awesome event.

So back to the main update I have. ARCC. Kicking off at 2.15pm today, the competitors are all preparing for their big show on stage.




Check out those awesome props.


Make up is on the way as well.

Well, even with air-conditioning, its really warm here.

They’re also running their final checks on the stage.

I managed to get a chance to speak to some of the contestants just as they standby for the pre-judging.


First up, Team Myanmar, cosplaying from the hit anime series, Kill LA Kill.
Consisting of Akemi and Sue, they were the winners of 84 Comic Party and are now representing their country for ARCC.
Sue: We’re so excited for the competition.
Akemi: This isn’t the first time I’ve been overseas in this costume. I’m here hoping for a great experience.

Next up, Team Philippines, bringing to you, BTX. A truly classic series.

Louise together with Helios, have been through both Regional and National qualifiers before they are given the honor to represent their country.
Helios: We hope to give the audience a good show and hope that their fellow country supporters would enjoy it as well.

Following up is Team Malaysia, competing with Kingdom Hearts.

Selected through Comic Fiesta Mini, Yuan and Sky are now representing Malaysia here in Singapore.
Sky: We are really nervous and excited to be our favorite Characters!

We also have Team Indonesia here with the hot blooded Dragonball.

They were selected through the competition held in Indonesia, Mocha and Prince are here to give the audience a Blast.

Prince: We are Really excited and we are ready to give it our 100%.

Last but not least, We have our very own Team Singapore! Saiko and Min.

Saiko: I’m really nervous and excited. The stage the audience and Everything.
Min: I’m kind of nervous, but We’ll be OK.

Be prepared to catch all their awesome performance on stage right here at AFA 2014 at 2.15pm on the main stage.



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