Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire : Overview

Hey everyone, Mikaneko here with an Overview of Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (ORAS). I currently own a Copy of Omega Ruby while Tsukineko has Alpha Sapphire.

Its been about a week since the official release of ORAS here in Singapore. You can read more about the release event itself here.

So over the past week, during whatever free time I can squeeze out, I’ve been traveling the lands and seas of the Hoenn Region. I did play the original Ruby almost 10 years ago back in primary school on the Gameboy Advance. Through the Decade, Pokémon has come a long way and is now presenting to us our childhood in 3D and more with this epic remake.

The Original box arts from 2003.


I’m in no way comparing the remake to the original graphics. I mean, its 10 years worth of technological advancement. However, overall the graphics and pretty neat. Most of the battle graphics and system seems to be brought over from X and Y. However, I’d say there’s a vast improvement in the graphics for cut scenes in the game, both in the dynamic sequences and character animation.

One of the cut scenes that I think is really well done is the opening sequence. They started it off by using the original scene in first release. After which, it transited into that screen being on the Pokénav console and later flaunted the graphics from then on.

In addition, the Cut scenes for Groudon and Rayquaza is breath taking. It makes it much more impactful rather than Groudon walks up to you or you simply talk to Groudon who is sitting there waiting for you to talk to it.

Graphics for the moves for the Legendary moves are also astounding, Especially the Rayquaza’s Dragon Ascent.

Which you can view here.

There’s also a large roster of Mega Evolutions introduced in ORAS as well. Not forgetting the Primal Evolutions as well.

The Layouts for the towns are still very similar to X and Y, but I think they did an awesome job with improving the graphics for the scenery though.

Gameplay and Content

Gameplay wise, aside from a completely upgraded story from the Original Ruby and Sapphire, ORAS is relatively similar to X and Y. Some of the notable upgrades include a new Pokénav with enables you to identify Pokémons in the moving bushes. In addition, you occasionally tell what is the Pokemon’s First move, which makes it easier to identify Pokemons with rare moves. On top of that, once you have caught a regular wild Pokémon from the bush, you can search out identical species by using the Pokénav. On top of it, it also includes updates of happenings in-game as well as super-training and Poke-amie.

Something I really enjoy is the Pokémon Beauty Contest. Though the flow of the contests remain the same, the graphics and effects made it a lot more impressive.

Whats more fascinating about the Beauty Contest now, is not only you have a special outfit for contest, Pikachu has multiple outfits! Each outfit gives Pikachu a special move with a different appeal type for the beauty contest.

To top it up, they even added a proper plot to the beauty contest portion of the game.

In the later part of the game, you can also ride on Latias or Latios and fly around Hoenn. This new function is really awesome and the scenery is truly breathtaking.

In additions, there’s a wide variety of legendary and starter Pokémons that you can obtain in this game, even without going for events or getting DLCs.

Disappointments, well, there’s two for me. Unlike X and Y, there was a no changing of outfits and hair for the characters except during the beauty contest and during certain scenes only. Secondly, its a bit of a let down that most of the cut scenes does not use the 3D function the 3DS is armed with. Well aside from that, the game is truly awesome!


Overall, this is definitely a game you shouldn’t miss. With quite a lot of content in the game itself, its takes quite a substantial amount of time and effort to clear the game. To top it up, this game is also made compatible with X and Y, which makes trading and battling between the versions absolutely convenient.

Even if you haven’t played the previous Pokémon games, I’m pretty sure ORAS will leave you in awe.

Hurry down to your friendly neighborhood store and grab a copy of the game! This is one investment you won’t regret.

So why should you grab your game now? How about waiting a little more?

I wouldn’t suggest it, because you’re gonna miss out quite a bit of exclusive in-game freebies if you’re getting your copy late.


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