Big Hero 6 – After Thoughts

Besides Gunpla, Pokemon and the endless battle to leave our beds, our Nekogensou team has finally caught Baymax, I mean Big Hero 6 on the silver screen.

So after all this hype and and hoo ha over Baymax, we decided to set aside a bit of time to catch this master piece. Which might end up not very healthy on my(Mikaneko) wallet. Well, more details to be posted if my wallet is to murdered by Baymax.

So lets start off with a quick synopsis on the movie.

So in a very brief summary, Our protagonist, Hiro, gathers a team of 6, including a healthcare bot, baymax, to hunt down a masked villain responsible for his brother’s death.

Shortest summary I can give.

So why did I love the movie? Well first of all there’s the cuddly Baymax. How can anyone not love Baymax.

Well if you are comparing it to the original Baymax from the Marvel comics in the 1990s. Well, erhmmm… Maybe not so cuddly.

Overall, I feel that the character designs gel very well together. A bunch of teenagers, coming together to form a super hero team. They aren’t overpowered or anything, their weapons are just upgrades from their school projects. Neither do they fight like professionals. They basically YOLO and fight rather recklessly with poor coordination as a team. However things just somehow work out. Kind of reminds me of how we rush school projects sometimes with a single goal, but not with a solid plan.

As for Hiro, I felt there was a good development in character throughout the show. He starts off as a smart brat. And ends off slightly more mature. The way he speaks, the way he acts, though looking much more mature than at the start of the show, there’s still the ‘brat’ feel to it till the end of the show.

Even Baymax had an interesting character development through the show. He was becoming more human and understanding. Somehow, it felt like Baymax had developed feelings and own thought cycle, which was more evident through as the show progressed. However, there’s still some robotic protocols he was still unable to leave behind, such as “are you satisfied with your care?” question before deactivation.

The other characters though, I feel may be a bit lacking in focus, but well, its a single movie, there’s 6 heroes. So well, I guess having done focusing on 2 of the 6 characters is good enough.

The villain however, I felt his outfit was very sleek and had this cool feel to it. It sorts of blends in with his hand swinging actions to control the micro-bots and he looks really awesome doing it. Though its kind of shown, that the only reason why he’s strong is because of the micro-bots and nothing else. He wasn’t any overpowering villain. He was just like the heroes, just with a little more convenient technology to aid him.

Lets move on to the setting. The futuristic city of San Fransokyo. Quite obviously taking San Fransisco and Tokyo and mashing the names together. On top of that, the mashed the cities’ architecture and culture together, which gave it this weaboo, but awesome feel to it. Well, definitely a unique city.

On top of that, lots of homages were done throughout the entire show. Baymax was armed with the Rocket Punch and wings Similar to the Mazinger.

In addition, small details such as Wreck-It-Ralph posters and Power Rangers like masks were displayed in Hiro’s room, which created a very pop culture kind of feel, at the same time paying homage to the various series. This actually helped to make the show feel very natural and complete as well.

They also did the on the ‘roof top watching sunset’ kind of scene as well, which is very often done in animes.

Oh not forgetting. Meow…

As for the overall plot. I personally felt it was Very predictable though. However, as predictable as it may be, the way the story is told is truly impressive. The way they subtly hint from the start till how it concluded. It hits me in the soft spot. I especially like the pacing of it as well.

Yea, I mean Big Hero 6 is a ‘Hero’ film. I do feel it may not necessarily be the best ‘Hero’ film. Though I think there’s really no need to compare it even though it makes lots of reference, because its really good as it is.

Screen Cap from Blue Blazes.

If you haven’t caught Baymax, I mean Big Hero 6 on the Big Screen, I suggest you take a little time off and go have some fun at the cinema. Well, there’s always a chance that after the movie, you might pop by a departmental store and grab your very own Baymax! Don’t worry, I doubt my own temptations can be contained after my next paycheck is in.

Anyways off to go transcribe some exclusive interview. Keep a close watch on our blog to see what it is!


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