AFA Regional Cosplay Championship 2014 – Interview with Team Singapore

Today Neko no Gensou brings to you an exclusive interview with AFA Regional Cosplay Championship (ARCC) 2014 Singapore Representatives!


ARCC is held annually at Anime Festival Asia. It is one of Asia’s most renown Cosplay competition. During this year’s International Cosplay Day Singapore (ICDS), the best craftsmanship team was invited by the AFA committee to represent Singapore in the ARCC this year.

Photo by Foxfoo Photography

Members of the team are Saiko and Min Lauren. Both of them have been cosplaying for a couple of years now, the ARCC is their first major competition yet. Below you can view more of their awesome cosplays.


Saiko – Saiko Heartz Cosplay

Photo by The Art of Mezame    The Art of Mezame is also going to run a workshop on night photography. Do check out his page for more details!


Min Lauren – Muramin

Photo by Decky Visualgraphy


And here’s their breath taking performance at ICDS 2014.

Video Credits to Operation P.Ani.C


I managed to get and interview with them despite their packed schedule and rushing their preparations for the big day! They’re a really lively and fun duo making the interview session really fun and hillarious.

So lets find out more about what they have to say!

QN: Could you tell use a little more about yourselves and how did you all meet?

Saiko: I actually met because Min was a customer for prop commission.

Min: She helped me do the Alice Vorpal Blade and that’s how we got to know each other and soon got rather close.

QN: How did both of you get to know and start cosplay?

Saiko: I started cosplaying in December 2006. EOY was the first event I attended.  I actually found out of the event 3 days before the event. So when I saw this event, I decided to dress up for the event. So I cosplayed Misa from Deathnote and actually took part in a Deathnote Cosplay competition. That was my first cosplay and my first competition.

Min: I started in 2010, through a friend. He introduced me to the world of cosplay. I kind of like to join the scene after a while. Hell Girl was my first cosplay, and it was actually quite bad.

QN: Whats the most enjoyable part about cosplaying?

Saiko: I like crafting more actually. Sometimes I actually feel awkward when I am in costume. I prefer masked cosplays where my face is covered. Masks give me more courage! *giggles*

Min: I actually enjoy being my favorite character as well as the costume making process.

Photo by Xeverous Photography Min is on the right.

QN: Do you make your own costumes?

Saiko: Yes, most of them. I started out buying though, but now I do my own.

Min: Not all, but I’m starting to make my own costume. The ARCC costume would probably my first costume I made on my own from scratch.

QN: What’s your favorite kind of cosplay?

Saiko: Horror Genre. Everyday’s Halloween~

Min: Mostly crazy characters. Ranging from mentally deranged characters to the psychotic ones.

QN: So far, which is your favorite cosplay that you have done so far?

Saiko: Bubble Head Nurse from Silent Hill, because we go round scaring people for fun.

Min: Toph Beifong from Air bender. I’ll be having a proper photoshoot for it soon!

Photo by Sandeep Murali | Photography   Saiko is the Bubble Head Nurse right in front.

QN: Any memorable experience you had with while to cosplaying or making your costume?

Saiko: Last year wanted to join GE3 competition as Flesh Maiden Alice. However I started working on it too last minute. On the morning on the event I was still working on the costume. When I realized it was impossible to finish on time, I threw it one side and cried. It took me some time before I got back to finishing it and eventually wore it for Cosfest and ICDS.

Min: The first time I put my contact lens into my eyes. It was painful. When I first wore it, I thought is was all fine. A moment later, it burns!

QN: How did the two of you end up deciding to join the ICDS competition?

Min: Impromtu~

Saiko: Actually it was pretty much a roll over from GE3

Photo by Darkon Lore

QN: So how did you feel when you were invited to represent Singapore in ARCC?

Saiko: WTF are you serious. You bluffing me right?

Min: OMG Really? Ok whatever, lets join!

QN: What are your thoughts on the competition itself?

Min: Stress, Mostly stress.

Saiko:  Yup.

Min: Calls Saiko for help but she never answers her phone.

(Saiko was giving Min a Death glare for a moment there. >.>)

QN: How’s the preparations ongoing?

Min: Good question.

Saiko: For us to know and for you to find out. We would rather not comment too much on this now.

(Rest assured fellow Singaporeans, I’ve seen their progress and its going good. :3)

QN: So what should we be looking forward to see at ARCC?

Min: Saiko Prominent skills in crafting. Saiko Go!

Saiko: Lights! And a fight you have never seen before!

Both: We going to be the very best that no one ever was. (And the song continues)

QN: Anything else you would wish to mention?

Saiko: We are very nice. We are very nice people and we won’t eat you.

Min: Please come support Team Singapore!


That would wrap up our interview with Saiko and Min! Lets wish them all the best at the ARCC Competition!

Team Singapore FIGHT ON!

If you would like to catch them in action on stage, don’t forget to drop by AFA 2014 this year from 5-7 December at the Suntec City Convention Centre!

For more information on AFA 2014, do check out their official page at :

For now, team Neko no Gensou signing off! Hope to see you at AFA!

(Time to finish our own costumes as well >w<;)


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