SD Neo-Zeong Group Build 2014 @ Hobby Art @ Work

Hi everyone, Mikaneko here!

This time bringing you the highlights of the SD Neo-Zeong Group Build 2014.

So First off, a summary about the event. Its a Plastic Modelling Mini-Competition held by Hobby Art @ Work and Toymaker. The only rule for the competition is to use the SD Neo Zeong Model Kit as a base of the submission. Everything other than that, its up to your imagination.

A short walk from Macpherson MRT followed by a lift ride to the 6th floor will bring you to a Hobby Art @ Work, a Gunpla shop.

Upon entering the shop, you’ll be greeted by a Giant Zaku Statue and a Large Collection of Gundam and other Mecha collectibles.

And just for today, a table (Made out of the 1/144 Neo Zeongs) was set up to display the competition entries.

In addition, slight refreshments were also served.

Now moving onto the main topic, the Model Kit Submissions. Though there was only a total of 6 submissions, including mine, I have the say that all of the submissions are really awesome. They had really good paint jobs and detailing, in addition, the creativity aspect was very prominent in the works.

And for my own submission, I basically fitted Cherio into the Neo-Zeong with a little scratch build. I have to admit, compared to the other submissions, I really felt I did a rather bad job on the technical side >…< Especially the paint job~

And the winner of the competition, you have the Yoko(From Gurren Lagann) in the Neo-Zeong! I have to admit, the paint job for this piece is really awesome and Shiny~

Overall, the event, though small-scale, was really fun. I had lots of fun chatting with everyone in the shop, talking about modeling techniques, which was really enriching. Although I was part of the competition, I didn’t feel any pressure, instead I had lots of fun and learned quite a bit. I also was playing with the little kids who were running around the shop.

They also gave out a awesome magnet to everyone at the Group Build.

On top of that, there were cute little animals at the event as well!

Couldn’t get a clear shot of the dog as she was running around too fast, non-stop.

If you are keen to find out more about Hobby Art @ Work or maybe grab a Gunpla, you could check out their Facebook Page.

Hobby Art Facebook

or you could visit them at either of their two outlets

Hobby Art @ Work – 12 Arumugam Road, #06-04. Lion Building B Singapore 409958

Hobby Art Gallery – 91 Bencoolen St, Sunshine Plaza #01-44, Singapore 189652

You can also check out Toymaker’s Blog or Facebook page for the latest updates and reviews about Gunpla and other model kits.

Toymaker Blog

Toymaker Facebook

You can also check out our facebook gallery for the all the photos taken at the SD Neo-Zeong Group Build.

SD Neo-Zeong Group Build

Well, that pretty much wraps up the highlights for the event! I’m actually looking forward to the next group build, and this time, I’m going to do up a better submission piece. >///<;


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