Mighty Gunvolt 2.0 Update +DLC! Free until 29 November only!

Promo Art from Official Website

Mighty Gunvolt (a.k.a the free game that comes with Azure Striker Gunvolt) will be receiving a free big update!

The game will only be free until 12.59am on the 29th Nov 2014 (GMT+8, SG Time), so be sure to grab Azure Striker Gunvolt to get Mighty Gunvolt for free before then!

What’s in the new update?

According to Inti-Creates, the 2.0 update will contain:

  • Update: Stage Select Screen – Pressing B will now return to the title screen and the DLC option will be added
  • Update: Playable characters – All playable characters will have stage entry/exit animations!
  • Update: Gunvolt (character) – Charged attack charging time will be reduced
  • Update: Ekoro (character) – On-screen shots from 3 to 4! More convertible enemies!
  • New: All stages – enemies re-balanced and new hidden items!

What’s in the DLC?

DLC Price: USD$2.99

  • 4 new stages
  • 4 new Bosses (from Azure Striker Gunvolt, Gal*Gun and Mighty No. 9!

New Bosses/Stages:

1) Elisa (Azure Striker Gunvolt) / Stage: Bio Lab

Those who have played Azure Striker Gunvolt will be familiar with Elisa and her ability to split into two and attack simultaneously!

2) Mighty No. 7 (Mighty No. 9) / Stage: Highway

Boss from an unreleased game? Why not? Face him off on the highway with a beautiful setting sun in the background!

3) Mighty No. 1 (Mighty No. 9) / Stage: Factory

Another boss from Mighty No. 9!? Why is he No. 1? Will we get answers from the DLC?

4) Mr. Happiness (Gal*Gun) / Stage: Gym

Here’s a cute boss from the DLC! Mr. Happiness from Gal*Gun! Don’t be fooled by his cute appearance, or he’ll crush you with his dense pink slime!

Source: Official Press Release


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