Build Fighters Try Episode 6: Winning Road!

Mikaneko here with another explosive episode of Gundam Build Fighters Try!

Before moving onto the episode itself! WHEEEEE!!! Winning Gundam has more footage in the opening sequence!!!!

Starting off this week, we have Team Try Fighters celebrating their victory in the first round!

However Yuu seems to be a little disturbed by the fact that Sakai approached him after the previous round.

Over at Sekai’s place, the trio were watching the rules of the championship as Sekai didn’t understand it when Hoshino tried to explain it to him.

Cameo of the Original Trio is the first Gundam!

But Well….

Mirai came back with some drinks, and well Yuu suddenly got motivated~

Tagging along with Mirai was Ral, who came over to tell the team who is their next opponent.

Science Club of Seiren Technical College, Team SRSC.

Formed with a team who does large amounts of research on their opponents before the battle and strategizes based on the opponents abilities and personalities, they are said to be able to rule the battlefield.

Sakai then drops by Yuu’s family cafe and tells Yuu that his team will definitely lose to SRSC and asks Yuu to focus on building instead of battling.

Later that night, Hoshino gathers the team and shows them the secret function of Winning Gundam, Winning Road.

The day of the competition arrives, and its starts off with Gyanko’s team beating up their opponents.

After which dedicating the victory to Sekai who obviously rejects it.

Team Try Fighters vs SRSC Begins.

And well, Mr.Ral was late as he overslept.

Being in a forested area, this gave SRSC an advantage.

By using methods such as jamming signals and stealth cloaking, topped up with taking advantage of Team Try Fighters personality, they completely cornered the trio.

Just as they thought they could defeat Hoshino’s Winning Gundam, Winning Gundam splits apart.

Upon breaking apart, the Winning Gundam parts became add-on parts for the other 2 Gunplas. For Sekai, it was the Winning Knuckle for his Build Burning Gundam.

And Bam, Earthquake! The whole battle field is cleared of all the tactical traps.


The Lightining Gundam Equips the Winning launcher and Snipes his enemy from afar.

The Core Fighter of the Winning Gundam defeats one enemy.

Last but not least, The Build Burning finishes the last opponent, securing their victory,

And this week’s episode ends off with Team G Master getting  a new transfer student, Suga Akira


Well that wraps it up for the episode!

This week was a little more of a clash of strategies, and pretty much a good display of the Team Try Fighter’s Capabilities. Though I think in the episodes to come, its probably almost time for the Team Try Fighters to probably lose a fight or struggle with the opponent, and probably an upgrade >////<


Anyways, Mikaneko signing off!



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