Garo : Honoo No Kokuin – Episode 6 Where it all begins…


Mikaneko with the first single episode review of Garo: Honoo no Kokuin~~~

So starting of this episode was a slight flashback on Alphonso’s adventure last week. After which, our Father and Son combo reaches Santa Bard, where Leon’s mother was burnt on the stake.

Moving on, we see a bunch of soldiers marching their way to a Black Smith’s Workshop. The Boss of the work shop, and a young boy, Julio, goes over to greet the knights, expecting the boss’s son, Sergi, to be coming home.

However, all that was given to them was Sergi’s sword.

Devastated by the loss of his son, the boss closes his workshop and sends his workers away. Only Julio stayed behind.

At this moment, the gate opens via Sergi’s sword and the horror from within possessed the boss.

Leon and German then out to scout the town for more info. This was where German bumped into Julio, asking for more information. The boss then walks out of the workshop and invites German for a drink at the bar.

Over at the market place, our dear Leon gets caught up with some prostitutes, but he was rescued from the mess by Emma.

It is later revealed that Leon is still a ‘child’ in certain matters, according to Emma. Emma cautions Leon to be more cautious before taking her leave.

Meanwhile at the bar, the boss shared with German that to be knighted, one must go through a test where they usually end up killing each other. Leading them is also this black knight, who looks are already fearsome to his enemies.

However, when he brought up about his son, Sergi, he had a headache and left the bar.

The boss then approaches a few knights along the streets and asks where is his son, when they couldn’t give him an answer, he turned into his horror form and devoured them.

Back at the market place, a boy who shoplifted was beaten up by a store owner. Julio tried to reason with the store owner who refused to let the boy go. Leon steps in and pays for what the boy stole.

Julio invited Leon over to his place, and on the way, he explained how in the past he was in the same state, and the boss of the workshop saved and adopted him back then.

Upon reaching the workshop, they saw German waiting outside. When the boss came back, the 4 of them had dinner together.However, during dinner, German and Leon had a petty Father and Son argument, which pissed off the boss and asked them to scram.

After the Duo leaves the workshop, Julio runs out and says there is something wrong with the boss, and with a quick investigation, they realized the boss was already a horror.

German requests Leon to stay back as he dealt with this horror personally.

What I find really awesome about this week’s horror is how he can reinforce his sword using the furnace x hammer on his shoulder.



Watching from a distance is Emma.

German and Emma then trading the information they gathered.

It is then revealed that being knighted means being possessed by a horror.

It is then known to Mendosa that the two makai knights and Emma is in their kingdom. The person who is supposedly the ‘Black Knight’ says he will settle it himself.

Overall, this week’s episode was action packed and they are slowly moving into deeper into the plot. They’ve also established the situation in Santa Bard pretty well. Not to mention, next week is episode 7. A common pattern in the Garo series, Episode 7 is usually the episode with a major/important fight that drive the plot to a faster and more intense pace. >////< I’m suspecting a Knight Vs Knight fight next week.


What do you think?

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