WIXOSS Selector Spread – Episode 6


Mikaneko here, bringing to you this week’s WIXOSS : Selector Spread.

Its Episode 6, so we’re halfway through the second season >///<

So opening this week’s episode, we have Futase in the white room, and she over hears Mayu talking about the White Girl and Black girl thing again.

And Mayu pulls off a Beatrice (Umineko) butter fly stunt, then tells Futase to join ‘their’ world. ‘Their’ refering to the black and white girls’ world, which is technically the real human world.

The next moment, she realizes she’s in Fumio’s Body.

We are then treated to some Ulith X Akira moments *cough blood*

And Ulith tells Akira to meet her behind later. -.-

Back with our Heroines, Futase talks about her writer block, as she’s out of plot to write about as she’s written all she knows about LRIGs into her novels.

At this point of time, Ru is thinking about the possibility of Tama being the white girl. At the same time, Iona is feeling something strange in her chest.

The only one who still seems to have her spirits up is Chiyori. However, Chiyori when Chiyori mentions that the novel was born out of Friendship, Futase snaps and goes crazy, saying that friendship cannot solve anything in the real world. In addition, she starts to mention that she’s completely lost track of who she actually is and starts squealing a bit before she goes on writing her novel, though she looks like she’s probably gone insane.

The three of them left Futase’s home, with more confused feelings then when they came over. Its also the first time Chiyori’s mood seems dampened, especially since she looks up to the Novel so much, and the writer seems to have broken down, and isn’t as inspiring as she thought it to be.

At this point of time, Iona suddenly starts to seem unwell.

More Ulith X Akira interupts the moment.

At Ru’s place, Ru tries to take care of Iona, though it doesn’t really help as Iona is still stuck in the card, and she can’t do much except covering up the card with a cloth, using it like a blanket.

Iona, then seems to be in a dream as Mayu tells her that she’s the black girl, with an evil heart, which mentally breaks Iona for a moment.

She briefly wakes up and sees Ru worried for her.

At this point, Hitoe decides to go home as it was getting late, and she leaves Yuzuki to stay overnight with Ru.

Little did she know, she was confronted by Akira, who challenged her to a battle. However, Yuzuki isn’t with her.

Iona finally wakes up, feeling a bit better, though obviously she isn’t in the best of condition.

Ru then receives a call from Akira, who had held Hitoe hostage.

Upon reaching the location where Akira was waiting for her. She sees Hitoe all beaten up by Akira.

Ru initially thought that Akira wants to battle her and is ready for it, however, it turns out that is was all a plan to have Ru and Ulith to meet.

Some quick after thoughts about this week’s episode….

To be honest, I feel the story is starting to pick up the dark pace really really fast, and the intensity is really picking up. At the same time, they’re finally building up more mystery about Mayu. Somehow, I really am suspecting and hoping for a plot twist in the whole Mayu, Tama and Iona thing. Or possibly Ru herself might not be normal.

In any case, lets just wait for the awesome episode next week. TwT Another week of  waiting…



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