Trick Eye Museum – Singapore Cosplay Club Event!!!

Hue Hue Hue Hue~~~~ I totally had fun today! *w*


Located just at Sentosa Islands in Singapore, we have the Trick Eye Museum, and today we’ve had a cosplay event happening here!

To be honest, this is the first time I attended such an unique event. Before I go on to talk about it, just a quick introduction of the location.

Trick Eye Museum is a place where there’s lots of display which not only you can see, but you can touch and climb on them and take photos. Very special photos.

Now back to the event itself. There wasn’t actually anything planned for this event, it was a own time own target thing. Basically, Cosplayers and Photographers had to register for this event a few weeks before the actual day. If you are chosen, you basically get a free entry into the venue from 8pm onwards! Its a little late, but it didn’t really matter.

So as soon as the doors are open, the cosplayers and photographers rushed in to to snap away!

Everyone was moving in an orderly manner, queuing up, giving way and making new friends! It was really awesome, rather than a hectic rush and mess as compared to many events. Well could very well be because this isn’t your usual event with booths where people are rushing to snatch the awesome goods etc.

So over at this awesome place, cosplayers are given a chance to take photos with the displays in costumes.

Maki got Kidnapped!!!!

To top it off, most of the displays are exactly ‘Normal’. They are designed to create an illusion when you snap a photo with them!

Check out these amazing shots that can be taken!

OMG She’s Floating~~~

Kashima X Hori!!!!! ❤

In addition, you can take really hilarious photos!

Or Simply take some lovely shots.

And All these photos are just created with simple displays.

Its so easy to have awesome shots taken!

Even little Ryuko is enjoying it!

Not forgetting myself. Even I had lots of fun there!


And where I belong~~~~

Overall, I really felt this was an enjoyable event, where people in the community have a chance to really hang out and have fun together. Its truly an unique event and I really hope for more of these to be organised in the near future.

Though I apologise for my horrible camera skills though >.< ;

In any case, if you want to check out everything I snapped at the event, do visit the gallery at our Facebook Page!

Feel free to tag anyone you know in the album as well!


That aside, time to throw my Li Li costume for a quick wash before tomorrow. Got another event to wear it to tomorrow. >///<


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