SOSD FLAG DAY 2014 – A New Start

Mikaneko here again!
Today I’m bringing you a coverage of another event. Save Our Street Dogs(SOSD) Flag Day. I know its a little off from what we normally talk about on this blog, but I guess something different for a change would be nice. Especially when it comes to charity.

I’m pretty sure throughout today, you probably might have seen volunteers all round Singapore going around with donation cans, asking for small change to help raise both funds and awareness for the rescued dogs.

Some fellow dogs are also out to help their comrades by following along to collect money in the cans.

I myself was wearing Li Li and helping the volunteers rope in some people to donate.

Many of these dogs were actually abandoned, injured or even abused and have actually been rescued by volunteers. Many a times, they have also been rescued from local authorities, which often euthanize dogs as a solution to the stray dog problem.  However, helping them recover, fostering and re-homing them isn’t cheap. That’s where all these funds help to ease the strain it puts on the volunteers’ pockets. In addition, the motto of today’s event is “A New Start” which is aimed not only to raise funds for these dogs, but also encourage adoption rather than buying dogs, giving these rescued darlings a new start.

The main event is held at the park opposite SCAPE, and it was surprisingly packed.

Not only was it filled with humans, many owners brought their fluffy dogs along to join the event.

Dogs of all sorts of breeds and sizes were everywhere. Truly a wonderful sight for animal Lovers.

Look at how sweet the two of them are together~

In addition, even a Fluffy white Cat and a Green-Cheek Conure was spotted at the event >w<

Some really simple but neat displays decorated the venue.

The stage was occasionally used to talk about how you can adopt dogs at the events, or how you can donate other than just giving cash, such as donating food. Some random stage activities such as dancing to the music etc. occasionally happened. Well, I was kinda arrowed to go onto stage to dance with their mascot >////<

There was also a wide variety of booths, from merchandises, regular dog food and tasty dog pastries.

The highlight booth is the adoption booth. Over here, you are given a chance to play and mingle with the rescued dogs.

Check out these cuties.

In addition, if you feel that you are ready to bring your love at first sight home, the volunteers are all ready to help your new family member move in!

However if you think you’re not too sure yet, you can also choose to foster them for a short period of time, before you finalize your decsision.

For those who missed out on this awesome event today, but would love to find out more on how you could pick up one of these cuties, or if you wish to make a donation,

you may visit for more information.

For those keen to check out our full range of photos, do visit our Facebook Album!

SOSD Flag Day

Mikaneko Signing Off!


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