Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 5: The Championships begins

Mikaneko here, with episode 5 of Gundam Build fighters! Horray for Winning Gundam’d debut~

In addition, Winning Gundam is finally featured in the ending sequence.

Ok back to the episode itself.

This week’s episodes starts off with Sekai now trying to figure out how to become one with the Build Burning Gundam. Mr. Ral’s advice was to become one with the Build Burning itself. In which, he finally takes the time to find out the limitations of how much his Gunpla can move and train according to the limitations.

Also to train for a zero gravity environment, Sekai trains in the school pool to try figure out a way to use his Jigen Haoh Ryu Kenpo in a disadvantaged environment. For some reason, Build Fighters Try really like featuring Swimming pools.

Yuu is also shown to be upgrading his Lighting Gundam.

He later challenges Mr. Ral to a practice match to test his new Gunpla capabilities.

Sakai brings in a delivery to the Miyazato School, which is the Mega Shiki. To be honest, I’m waiting for it to actually have a featured fight~ >///< Another variant of the Char Mobile suits~

Hoshino passes by the pool while Sekai was in the midst of training, after which they ended up sitting by the bench and she mentioned about what got her into Gunpla battles. Apparently she has this girl whom she saw in the past whom inspired her when Hoshino saw her Gunpla battling, and she hopes to be like her and possibly meet her if she gets better at Gunpla battles. Oh and that girl that Inspired Hoshino was seen using a Stargazer Gundam :3

And Stalker Onee Chan stalks the couple…

They then dropped by the clubroom, only to find out that Mr. Ral just had a tough fight against Yuu’s new Lighting Gundam.

Back home, Hoshino resumes completing her Winning Gundam. In addition, she’s much more motivated after seeing how the other two team members are giving it their all.

Wheeeee, Winning Gundam WIP. >////<

And so the day of the Championships arrive….

Check out those cute expressions~~~

And the annoying Gyanko Drags Sekai over….. -.-

Get Lost Gyanko.

Shoo Shoo…..

Hoshino, I’m rooting for you~~~~

And the championships begin.

Round 1~

Round 2~ With the ‘FREE!’ team.

And Finally, Team Try Fighters turn to battle.

And the Build Burning Catches Sakai’s attention.

First off, you have Yuu battling in mobile armor mode, catching the opponent off guard.

Next, you have Hoshino, with the Winning Gundam! KYAAAA!!!!!!!

Pew Pew!!!!

Last but no least, Sekai shows off the results of his special training!

Running in space!!! Abit like how the ninjas jump about in Naruto.

And Finishing off with a Tornado PUNCH!!!

And Team Try Fighters wins the first round.

Though Sekai and Yuu still can’t really get along.

But its time for a little celebration!

Too bad Gyanko… Get lost…


And he is with ‘Lady’ or at least how Yuuki calls her. The Person whom Hoshino is in the “Sempai please notice me mode” for.

And the episode ends off with Sakai confronting Yuu. Such Rivalry….

Some after thoughts about this week’s episode….

Well, I think this week was rather action packed, and I think the plot is finally starting to pick up. They pretty much laid quite a number for foreshadowing this week. I guess overall it was a good introduction to Team Try Fighter’s first proper fight with a decent amount of team work and their completed Gunplas, or at least completed for now. With the championships finally starting up, I’m pretty much expecting much more intense episodes in the upcoming weeks to come >////< Probably expecting more characters from the previous season to show up soon.


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Random Chris ❤


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