WIXOSS: The Card Game Itself


Hi Everyone, Mikaneko here again~

This time bringing to you WIXOSS. The actual card game.

I have to first declare, I am NOT a hardcore card player nor collector. I’m only just a very casual player, so I won’t actually pour a fortune into these cards. If you’re hoping to pick up some techniques or tricks, then this article isn’t for you. Its simply a game review.


WIXOSS is a card game where is a 1 vs 1. The game revolves around 1 LRIG per player and summoning support SIGNIs to help defend and attack the opposing player.

If you are keen on more in-depth details of the rule, please check out:


How to start

So first off, just like most card games, the best way to start off. Grab a starter deck. In fact, only starter decks contains certain key cards for the game. So without one, your deck may be lacking quite abit.

product7310_1 TakaraTomyWixossPD04GreenWanna

CGM-5419 CGM-5416

To date, as far as I know, there’s 7 Start Decks and 4 Booster Sets.

Where to get them? Probably through Ami Ami or just pray hard that your neighborhood card shop brings in this series. For me, I’ve bought a Green Wanna and a Blue request deck, and just a couple of booster pack. To be honest, my decks may not necessarily be the strongest deck out there, but its good enough to enjoy the game~

My very small Personal Collection

So here’s just a small of preview of what I actually have.

IMG_8219[1] IMG_8220[1]

I’m so far quite familiar with my Midoriko Deck but I’m still kinda new at my Eldora deck >///<



To be honest, the game flow is really simple and rather straight forward. There’s minimal counter-reactions in this game, which makes the game moves really really fast. Usually one game is done less than 10 minutes. Also, its quite hard to turn the tides because of the lack of counter moves. More than often, you can actually predict when you are going to lose the game.


In terms of strategies, there quite a number of them, however, they are very LRIG restricted. Most LRIGs only have a few methods to play with, so you won’t actually see much variations in the types of decks played. In fact, you can guess what style your opponents plays rather early in the game. However, that does mean you have the upper hand all the time, because your opponent probably has the same advantage.

Overall, its a very easy to pick up and can be easily played as a casual game.

Competitive playing? I’m not too sure to be honest, since I’m not playing it hardcore.

Graphics and Art Style

WIXOSS definitely boasts a very definite art style. The Art Style for most of the cards are relatively consistent and are rather appealing. However, the character details are extremely inconsistent, very bad reference if you want to refer to the cards for cosplaying purposes. I personally find the art really good and even if I’m not going to play it as a game, its still rather collection worthy.

Here’s some sample images of the cards.

250px-WD06-001 250px-WX04-002 WX01-001

WX03-021 WX04-005 WX04-006


Overall, its a pretty decent game. Though I’m not exactly sure if there will be much expansion on it though. If you really enjoyed the anime, you might just want to pick up this game and give it a shot. Even if you end up not enjoying the game, at least the cards are really pretty.

Mikaneko, off to play a game or two~


What do you think?

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