GameStart 2014 Event Overview Part 1

Hi peeps! I’m Tsukineko! MY FIRST POST OMG. ><

And I’m sure most readers don’t know, but anyway yeah, I’m a female gamer. So beware my random fangirlism 😀

Last week I attended both days of GameStart 2014, held at Suntec City.


Was all fired up to PLAYYYYYYYYYYYY, but on the 1st day(saturday), I went down pretty late. Prior to reaching the event, I had seen pictures of the crowd, and queues for the games on Facebook so i was pretty bummed that I probably had to be spending my day waiting for my turn, but turned out that there were not as many people as i had expected(didn’t even have to queue to go in).

The event is pretty dark overall, very LAN shop-ish, which is perfect for a gaming event after all, as most of the game displays were on big HD screens.


CIMG2138Main Playstation area with Lil Big Planet, Blazblue, Just Dance, Final Fantasy Type-0, Lego Batman etc


M18 area with The Evil Within and Bloodborne etc

CIMG2191Playstation Arena with Freedom Wars, Blazblue, Jojo All Star Battle, and a couple of Vita games like Deemo, Musou Orochi, Eiyuu Densetsu etc

Playstation Arena had SO many games I was interested in!!! Therefore, I was there for a long time LOL

CIMG2150_smlFreedom Wars is pretty fun(and I think the Shujinko[protagonist] is handsome ROFL ><), considering to buy it. I played it with Mikaneko, Nyameko, and Mikaneko’s friend(nice meeting you!)


You get this cute screen cleaner for playing the demo.

CIMG2151_smlGUILTY GEAR XRD.  I LOVE GUILTY GEAR. THANKS ARKSYS. My heart screams for Ky and Sin mainly, and my favorite female is Dizzy, but I generally love all the characters. They’re so unique! My list of really interesting characters include Faust, A.B.A and Zappa, but the new character, BEDMAN takes the cake. He knocked Zappa off No.1 on my list.


Photo credit to Guilty Gear Wiki

DAT BED. Seriously WOW. O_O

Having played previous versions of Guilty Gear on both PC and arcade platforms, this was a game I was reallllllly looking forward to.



I REALLLLLYYYYY want to play this in the arcade! I know this game is released already in Japan but I don’t know if it’s in Singapore arcades yet. (Have to keep my eyes peeled)


And I got this lovely postcard from the booth<3<3<3


JOJO ALL STAR BATTLE. ANOTHER GAME I REALLY WANT TO PLAY. Sadly, I don’t own a Ps3/Ps4. I only have handheld consoles. Haiz.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure was introduced to me by Mikaneko, and I got hooked after reading the manga and watching the anime. That’s why I was also really looking forward to this game as well. One thing I really like about All Star Battle is the animations for their stand moves. They are quite accurate to the original content and look really dynamic and cool onscreen ><


Jojo poster from the booth<3<3<3


2K Games booth featuring their newest game, Evolve. I knew 2K Games because I played Left 4 Dead, so this was of high interest too. You play 4v1 and  pick from the Hunters group, or pick a monster. Personally, monster seems more fun, and the monster can also evolve. Hence the name of the game I suppose. Feels like a level up from playing as the zombies in L4D.

However, the queue to play felt eternally long so we didn’t get a chance to try it ><

I have so much more to write but I’m already tired. I will talk more about the other areas I visited in the next update of this post. *eyes are already closing*

————————————————————————————————————————————————-And now Mikaneko joins the fray!!!!

Well, pretty much I’ll be just talking abit on the cosplay segment. As much as the event was mainly a gaming event, they actually gave cosplayers free entry. Quite expectedly, there are tons of cosers for game series.

Here’s photos of a few of them which I managed to get shots of.

IMG_8169 IMG_8170

IMG_8211 IMG_8212

IMG_8214 IMG_8215


And who says you’re too old or too young to cosplay? Yes that Ironman is a little girl, probably still in lower primary or younger.

IMG_8209 IMG_8218

And two of my favorites at Game Start.


IMG_8167 IMG_8168

And to top that up, there was a Cosplay competition on Day 2. Much earlier I gave a sneak preview of the competition preparation. In case you missed it, here’s some stuff you shouldn’t have missed.

First thing first, here’s the awesome emcee, Jason from Neo Tokyo Project, cosplaying from Saints Row.
And our lovely judges.
Fay, Yasemin and Tessie.

CIMG2205 CIMG2203


And to start things up, we had a action pack skit from Alice Madness Returns!


CIMG2207 CIMG2208 CIMG2211
Some awesome hack and slash from Dante from Devil May Cry.
Reliving my childhood with Digimon.

CAM00883 CAM00884 CIMG2219
Yuna, Rubrick and many more….
CIMG2220 CIMG2223






CIMG2231 CAM00893 CAM00896






A Sibeh Singaporean ODST.






CIMG2246 CIMG2248
One awesome Deadpool. So awesome that it was actually hard to get a decent photo of him.
CIMG2252 CAM00914

CAM00911 CAM00909
Lightning strikes again…
CIMG2261 CIMG2265



CAM00920 CAM00923
Check out this awesome Dragon Knight cosplay. The details and paint job is really amazing. And his glowing sword is truely breath-taking. Though to be honest, I’ve seen him wield his sword many times at previous conventions, but it never fails to amaze me.
CAM00925 CIMG2272

CIMG2277 CIMG2278

Last but not least, Garren, spinning from the League of Legends.
CAM00929 CIMG2280
With all these mind blowing performances, it sure gave the judges a hard time deciding the victor.
Rubrick walks away as the best newcomer.

Alice won the hearts of the judges.

Deadpool. How can he not walk away with the best performance award.


Lastly, best craftsman goes to the Dragon Knight. And my heart is stolen.



Looooook. Look at that cute Ko-Tori on his shoulder. *nosebleeds*

Truthfully speaking, I feel that by giving out prizes based on various criterias instead of simply 1st, 2nd and 3rd, really gives cosplayers a chance to shine in their respective fields of expertise. Not to mention, the newcomer prize truly gives even people who are new to cosplay competitions a chance to compete against the more experienced displeased, yet not get outshined by them. A great way to encourage people to bring their hobbies up to the next level.



With this, it brings our overview of Game Start 2014 to an end.
We’re all waiting to see what more Game Start 2015 could offer us.

Till next time.
Mikaneko, off to find some corner to sleep in.


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