WIXOSS : Selector Spread~ Quick review of Episodes 1-4


Mikaneko is here again!

This time with WIXOSS! (Finally got the time to catch up with my anime after a few busy weekends)

Before I start my weekly WIXOSS episode updates, I’m just gonna do a quick run through of the story thus far. Then I’ll post about episode 5 shortly >///<;

Ok after an entire plot twisting first season, which does not explain much of the card game gameplay, they are now infecting us with a second season. And how else to start off the season with a battle of silhouettes. Though I guess one of them is Tama.

1 2

And as usual, the opening previews new characters.

8 5

And so they proceed to show the Ru, Hitoe and Yuzuki’s daily life after the disaster in season one. Poor Yuzuki still stuck in the card.

3 10

11 12

And Finally they have much more screen time. The super high Chiyori and Eldora, who is obviously annoyed at Chiyori and sound obviously not enthusiastic about things Chiyori sprouts about.

6 7

To be honest, I really really love Chiyori’s character design. That Pink goggles and skull hair ties and skull bag. >///< And her adorable mittens.


As much as I do find her annoyingly noisy. She’s got pretty cute expressions.


16 15

And so she tries to pick up a fight with Ru and Hitoe.

13 17

Who turns her down. However in the process, they actually did many flashbacks on season one. Interestingly, I didn’t get annoyed at the flashbacks as it wasn’t one whole chunk of repeated scenes, but enough to remind watchers of the first season about the key points of the plot.


18 24

21 22

And well, Iona tries to psycho Ru into fighting again.

23 25

The second episode continues on by showing Ru and her grandma playing WIXOSS.


Following, they started to explain more on Ulith and Akira.

28 29 30

Basically, Akira realised Ulith is now in Iona’s body, Ulith have fan service moments with Akira, Akira foes back to school, Akira becomes Ulith’s puppy and they ended up having some sort of twisted relationship. -.- Sorry, but I can’t really stand the two of them…

31 32 33 34

35 36


An moving on….

Akira Challenges Ru to a children’s card game. With a new LRIG.

39 40

Pretty much Ru wasn’t really serious about the battle and wasn’t really playing properly. Pretty much, Iona was getting beaten up.

41 42


And your friendly neighborhood construction worker interrupts the fight.


And Chiyori fantasizing about being a LRIG.


And finally they show a few moments of Mayu and Tama.

46 52

Still not giving up, Iona tries to psycho Ru into fighting more seriously, but still fails.

51 50

And Hanayo, now in Yuzuki’s body, casually asks Ru how’s Yuzuki doing and tell Ru to keep on fighting.

This is really really starting to feel abit like Gundam. Where everyone tells Amuro, you need to fight, and Amuro tries to deny the fact he’s caught up in the war and unwillingly fights.

49 48

Here we have Tama thinking about Ru and Mayu trying to persuade her not to find Ru and stay with her instead.

47 53

Ulith Challenges Chiyori!




And so the fight begins.


What’s rather unexpected. Poor Tama is now Ulith’s LRIG. Another twisted plot twist.

60 61

Somehow, it seems like Mayu is behind all this Shenanigans.


And the battle begins, with Ulith pretty much holding the upper hand. Even though Tama was very unhappy about the battle, as she isn’t feeling the fun she had when she was fighting along side with Ru.

70 69 64 65

In between the battle, Ru tries to apologize to Tama, but honestly she’s unable to do anything else but cry and call out to Tama.


And Chiyori loses the battle.

67 66

After the battle, everyone is brooding and lost on what to do.


Except Chiyori, who can’t wait to become a LRIG.

73 72 75

It is later revealed that the the Novel that Chiyori reads has a great resemblance to their current situation. As such, Hitoe and Ru decides to contact the Author of the Novel.

76 77 78 81

And Chiyori loses a battle to Ru’s Grandma.

79 80

Episode 4 comes to an end when they visit the author.


New handsome girl appears. Handsome…..


Thats it till episode 4.

My thoughts…

The show is getting a really good start up. Picking up from where they left of really nicely. The little flashbacks were a nice touch to the show. They also pulled in the serious notes real quick, and the build up is getting intense even from the start. However. 12 + 4 episodes of the show, you still probably won’t know how to play WIXOSS.

Mikaneko heading out now



And a sneak preview of whats lingering in my bag now.



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