WIXOSS: Episode 5


Mikaneko here once again!!!

This time with WIXOSS episode 5~

So this week’s episode starts off Mayu saying some things about shooting stars and wishes.

1 2

And Iona deep in thought about Ru’s wish.


It continues with pretty much introducing Futase Fumio. and her LRIG. I don’t remember her LRIG mention her name though. /shot

6 12 716

Fumio refused to share her knowledge on Selectors and LRIGs unless she is defeated by either the 3 who came to visit her. While Ru and Hitoe are actually contemplating…


Chiyori can’t wait to battle. Even though she already lost 2 battles. A selector who loses 3 battles will lose their rights as selector and will not be able to obtain their wish. However, Chiyori seeems to not be bothered by it. Then again, I’m not exactly sure if Chiyori has any other wishes other than wanting to be a LRIG.

8 9 11

Of course, poor Eldora…. Having to put up with Chiyori.


Ru then steps forward and accepts the battle instead. Chiyori was left devastated…

15 13 14

And so the battle begins.


It pretty much starts off with Ru and Iona getting beaten up.

19 21 22 27 25 28

Until Iona tried to talk some sense into Ru and FINALLY, Ru decided to battle seriously.

26 23


Whats unexpected though, especially for someone who does play the actual card game, Iona grew to a level 5.

30 31 32 33

As much as I don’t really like Iona, I think her level 5 looks pretty cool. Aside from the fact that it is unnecessarily skimpy.


And the battle ends.


Fumio goes on to explain that she was previously a LRIG. Her selector was Fumio and her LRIG name was Futase. To be honest, Futase looks like a sweeter version of Piruluk from season one.


38 39

Piruluk for referance.


Fumio, whose dream was to be a writer, initially didn’t want to battle as a selector, but as life circumstances pushed her to her limit. She eventually gave in and battled. Eventually, the conditions are met and she became an Eternal Girl. Which is basically a LRIG and Futase became Fumio.

40 41 42 43 4445

It is then mentioned about this white girl and black girl thing. The Black is jealous over the White Girl’s happiness, and even thought of erasing her from existence.

50 49

Mayu also mentions about Iona and says she should stop trying to be a white girl, if not she’ll be a grey.


To be honest, I could only guess that part of Iona’s wish was to enjoy battling with Ru like how Tama had fun while fighting by Ru’s side. Overall, I think this episode, rather than having more unexpected plot twists, it felt more like a revelation kind of episode instead. Kinda nice for a change.


What do you think?

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