Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Demo Review


Mikaneko here, after clocking quite abit of time into my 3DS. Today, I’m gonna talk about Pokemon.


It may be a little slow, but I finally gotten my hands on a copy of Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Demo.

Still remembering the days last year, when Pokemon almost completely took over my life when X & Y  were released.  This time we start off our adventure with either of these 3 little cuties. Though its a little different in the demo.


I guess that cycle is gonna start again~ TwT

In any case, let me just give you all a quick preview of the Demo.


Well, you start off the demo with a really wonderful view and you end up in Mossdeep city.


You will then be asked to pick one of the starters and after that, you’re pretty much thrown into a few fights which takes minimal effort to win.

8 9

You’ll basically go through very simple scenarios.


Your starter will definitely evolve, and eventually, you will receive a Mega Stone for your starter.

Tada~ You have a Mega-Starter.

1 2 3

Not only that, you get to catch a glimpse of Mega Metagross.


And if you are playing the US release, you get to kidnap catch this fellow.


Who can mega evolve into Mega Glalie. Don’t forget that this Glalie can be transferred to you actual game.

22 mega-glalie

Though to be honest, I really prefer the Mega Steelix released in the Japanese version.

112 mega-steelix

You will then be treated with a little more Cutscenes and finally a trailer for the actual game.

After which, all thats left is to go find Steven at Mossdeep Pokemon Centre, and go on very very simple missions multiple time, to unlock more bonuses when you finally get your complete edition of the Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.


Sounds simple. Yes it is, you just need a bit of patience. Take your time and enjoy the graphics.

Only problem, you are unable to level up any of your Pokemon or catch more Pokemons in the demo.



If you’re taking the original Ruby and Sapphire to make a comparison. Definitely the graphics have come a long way. Scenery is much more detailed and it helps emphasize how vast the region is. I really love this scene, especially when you switch the 3D mode on.


Generally, movements around the basic  maps and terrains seems pretty much similar to X and Y.

25 24

Though I have to say the character cutscenes look pretty cute too.


Battle scenes are pretty much similar to X and Y as well.


As for the villians, I think they got a pretty good make-over. Their design packs much  more impact as compared  to the previous designs.


Older Design

11 12


The new upgraded designs.

To be honest, they really made team Aqua real badass looking. But I find Magma rather cute~<3

One of the reasons why I chose to get Omega Ruby.


Even these guys look pretty awesome in the Demo.

Content & Replayability

There’s practically nothing much. Pretty much repetitive.

Will I replay the demo. Yes. Solely for the rewards.


For a game demo, I think its done a pretty good job giving us a glimpse of the actual game. However, they’re persuade us to play multiple times for a bonus for the actual game. Which is more or less repeated content with almost no progress or change in the gameplay.

However, I am looking forward to the full game release, and I have high hopes for it. I’m really hoping for much more content to be in the game, as compared to X and Y.

On a side note, I’m really hoping for a chance to get more Chikoritas in this version. And hopefully a Suicune.

>…< Just hopefully.


For now, I hope you all enjoy the demo and get all prep up for the real deal.

Mikaneko off to grab some noms.


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