Build Fighters! All hail SD Gunplas! (Episode 4 Review)








Mikaneko Here!!!! With more Build Fighters.

Episode 4 started off with a introduction to an entire load of characters. Probably participants in the championships.

1 2

3 4

And now have some FREE! content.

5 6

7 8

And last but not least. The Destiny Gunpla User~ Really hoping to see him in action soon~~~

10 9

And now onto the main plot for the week. And here’s the weekly dose of the Build Burning. With a little lack of gravity as well~

11 13

But thats about all from Build Burning. In Summary, at this stage, Sekai can’t control the Build Burning with the lack of gravity.

But there’s no lack of cute emotions.

19 20 22

That Megane expressions.

30 31 14 15

And some awesome cute Mr. Ral.


Anyways, we basically have Hoshino wanting to make a new Gunpla for the Championships as she felt she wanted to make the team more balance.

And there was a a little quick features on the EXAM units and Ground-Type Gundam. That EXAM feature looks really awesome >///<


17 18

So in the end, Hoshino decided to go to the G-Muse, a Gundam-Styled Amusement Park/Exhibition and Ral asks Sekai to go along, to learn more about Gundam.

40 41 42

And they featured the 1:1 Gundam Statue. You can really see how much love is put into those details :3

37 38 39

And Stalking them, is Mirai Onee-Chan~ Which kinda landed her in a date with Yuuma.

32 35 43 44 45

And that Cute Bearguy III Mascot~


And to be honest, I really think Sekai’s outfit makes him look like an innocent little boy.


And once again, Hoshino and her Meows! Sorry, but I really like those little neko things she has on her clothes.

26 27

28 29

So onto the main plot, which basically introduces a new character. Sakai Minato. Probably Chinan’s disciple after Mao. But honestly, I really hate his attitude. Make me feel like slapping him hard.

62 61

Sekai Builds his very own Gunpla, the Musha Godmaru.


Sakai almost instantly builds up a new Gunpla, Kouki Gundam and challenged Sekai to a Gunpla battle.

48 47

To be honest, I really liked the fight between the SD Gunplas. It was action filled and full of intensity, something that I really enjoyed.

50 49 51  53

And they had the Gunpla and User in the same pose and alternating between the two of them while they charge forward to attack. Similar to how it was done in G Gundam. Not to mention, Sekai was using an attack, very similar to the God Finger in G Gundam.


54 55

And with a surprise transformation, swift dodge and a attack from above, Kouki Gundam crushes the Musha Godmaru TwT.

56 57 58

Poor Sekai….. And I really liked the Musha Godmaru….probably gonna try to find one for myself as well. Yes, I have a soft spot for SD Gunplas, other cute stuff and cats. Thus why I’m completely taken aback by Hoshino’s Clothes.

And lastly, they hinted that Sakai would probably be Yuu’s rival or something.


And now… Gonna wait for the next episode. :3

And in the mean time…..

10656142_10152655980139822_1675045998_n 37

Good Job Bandai. You’ve done awesome marketing. Good enough to murder my wallet. TwT


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