Final Fantasy 7 G-Bike – Out On Android/iOS This Week!

Nyameko here! Really excited this week as a new awesome-looking Final Fantasy game release is imminent in Japan!

Ever wanted to fight SOLDIERs, Behemoths and more in FF7’s G-bike minigame? In HD?

Slash slash slash FIRAGA

According to the official website, there will be improved game system for the game over the FF7 minigame! Let me translate some points which got me really interested:

Impactful Bike Chases
Controls look really simple: Tap to attack, swipe up to jump, swipe down to slide. Pretty much similar controls to endless runner games.

Many Missions and Loot!
Not only there are a variety of missions, there will be a staple roulette at the end of clearing missions with random loot! Loot can be used to customise Cloud’s weapons, bikes and materia equipped.

Of course there are limit breaks on top of materia spells!

Partner Characters and Summons!
So far, only Tifa and Ifrit are shown off, but I am pretty sure there will be more than just the two of them. Can’t wait to try out Barrett, Aeris (*sob*), Vincent, Yuffie, Cait Sith (meow), Red-XIII etc and of course summons such as Knights of the Round and my favourites Odin (they better keep the words 斬鉄剣 when he attacks), Bahamut Zero and Fat Chocobo! Please don’t disappoint me, Square-Enix!

The game will be out for Android and iOS this week in Japan, and will be free-to-play with IAP. Expect a quick review if I can get my hands on the game AND if the game is not taking up all my time and attention.



What do you think?

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