Gundam Build Fighters Try! 3 weeks late review ((((;゜Д゜)))


Three weeks late to write a first impression of this awesome series >.<;

Should totally have started blogging slightly earlier. So rather than reviewing the past 3 episodes as per episodes, I’ll just review it as an overall based on all 3 episodes.

Anyways, a quick summary of the series.

In this series, battles are fought using Gunpla, Gundam Plastic models. So the strength of the Gunpla depends on the builder and how well it is controlled in battle. This second season takes place 7 years after the first season which ended earlier this year.

=== Anything beyond this point may contain spoilers===


So unlike the first season, where the main team was Sei and Reiji, 2 boys, and a main rival Yuuki. So there was this triangle relationship between the three of them or some sorts. Well, there’s this ‘We two are partners and we share this one rival whom we are overly concerned about’ kind of relationship >///< And I kinda found Sei’s girlfriend a bit extra. Personally speaking, I think China is kinda like put there so as that Sei has someone to be with after Reiji goes back to his world kind of thing.


But I can’t deny her Bearguy III is absolutely cute.


This time the team has 3 people. Yuu, Sekai and Hoshino (In accordance to Picture arrangement)


Along with their respective Gunplas. Lightning Gundam, Build Burning Gundam and Winning Gundam.



So the story basically starts off with how the three finally come together as a team and is preparing to enter the world championships.


So first up, Sekai. To be honest, he’s the default shounen hot-blooded character. At the moment, I still find his personality really really straight-forward, though at this point of time, its a little bit difficult to guess which line of character development he’ll take.


And I really hoping that they would pull a Domon Kasshu clone in this series, just like they did with Ral. >///<

Have to admit that I really love G Gundam and most Super Robots Series in general.


So in the first season of Build Fighters, you have the Star Build Strike spamming the build knuckle all the way. I mean punching your opponent instead of firing  a barrage of beams is very much like G Gundam, but there was this lack of impact? kind of~


And here, Build Burning Gundam fills up all the missing elements from the previous series. The lack of logic, overkill super moves and the BANG kind of impact >///////< This is what I was hoping for~~~~ Not to mention, bursting out of that Dom was  a nice touch.

8 33

56 55

Kick, Punch, Burst! TORNADO!!!!!


Not to mention, an add on to the fist that looks like the Good Luck Mode in Tiger and Bunny.


And the inability to shoot guns properly is a major homage to the G Gundam series, where the main character’s unit didn’t have guns.

13 17

Next up Yuu~~~~

Honestly, his meganes are awesome….. That aside, he seems like the kind of character with a more complex past as compared to the other two. It really adds on to his ‘cool’ feel >///<


Best part, he is a tsun~


And Cherryblossoms for him in the ending sequence~

23 18

His Gunpla, Lightning Gundam, somehow feels kind of lacking. Its a sniper gundam, based of Zeta I presume, but I just don’t get this sniper feel from it. The lack of scopes? Or cannon extensions that pop out before he snipes? It really feels lacking.


But he often have this special moments with Sekai~ Even the “We can talk through our fist” moment that is a homage to the G Gundam Series. *w*


And so, this time, even though the female character is far more prominent and has a stronger character as compared to China, I don’t see a lack of fan service for the girls. Though she’s been the main person who tends to interfere in the Sekai X Yuu moments. But ultimately, I think she’s still has strong personality and is rather likable.

28 46 47 48


11 12

And if you notice her Sports Bra…. Look carefully~~~~ Nyan~ : 3

3 16

However the first Gunpla she uses in the series is the Powered GM Cardiggan. As much I like heavy armed type of mechas, I was actually looking forward to seeing the Gunpla she was featured with in the promotional materials.

22 24

Winning Gundam~~~~ Yes, I have a thing for SD Gundams. Aren’t they just so cute~~~~~

21 52

Of course, one of the returning characters. Mr.Ral. Awesome old dude based off Ramba Ral in the original Gundam series. And he often recites the original Ral’s quotes as well *w*

In the Build Fighter series, he’s often comic relief but at the same time, he’s an encyclopedia who gives brief explanation on the Gunplas and their origins or specialties.


Not to mention, I’m totally waiting for Yuuki to make a proper comeback in this season. (*0*)/

42 41 40 37

Also one other thing I really love about Build Fighters is the Super Cute and Sparkly expressions of the characters.

And now for all the random things worth mentioning within the past 3 episodes.

4 30

The Gunplas of the the Model building club in Ep 1 & 2 .To be honest, I really really don’t like the designs of flags, Though I feel the slight modifications to the Flag is quite an ok, though I hate this green color scheme.

The Hizack has quite a nice upgrade to the details. But WHYYYYY… THE COLOR……


And in Episode 3, you have these 3 annoying things that appear.


And their Gunplas.


Though I have to say the modification to the Noble Gundam is pretty neat~

58 57

Though I really hate these girls, their add-ons are lovely. Check out the Char Collar, the gyan shield Hair ties and the Zeon Bento Basket. >w<

44 43

Color Variations of the Bearguy III also appeared.

Well, I guess that concludes my super super long review.

Thanks alot for reading through, for those who read.

And Stay tune for my weekly reviews for the upcoming episodes!

Off to camp for the next episode~



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