Game Start 2014 – Quick Event Overview


Hi everyone, Mikaneko here again!

As some of you might know, today’s the first day of Game Start. One of the biggest gaming events in Singapore to date.

If you missed it today, don’t fret, there is still tomorrow! There’s tons of loots being given out, so if you don’t wanna miss them, be early. (And not be late like me today TwT) Also, do note that you need to purchase an entrance ticket, unless you’re cosplaying.

In addition, Cosplayers get to sign up for the EPIC Card for free. Its an annual membership card that entitles you to tons privileges at many shops all round Singapore.

More details on the EPIC card can be found here:

Well, for now, I’m just gonna give you a quick preview of the event. The full post-event article will be out sometime next week. So I’ll just go straight into showing you some of highlights of this awesome-packed event.


First up, a overview photo of the event hall. It may be small, but it sure is packed with many fun-filled booths.

IMG_8196 IMG_8194 IMG_8183

Some of the major gaming booths around are the Playstation, Blizzard and Bandai Namco. Boasting a wide variety of new and some yet to be released games, you’re sure to be stuck at these booths trying out their game demos. In addition, there are sessions on the main stage featuring these games. But do note, there is much more than just these 3 booths.

IMG_8189 copy

I even spotted guest Cosplayers Yuegene Fay and Tessie playing the Freedom Wars Demo.

IMG_8176 IMG_8180

Another booth that actually caught my attention is Versus City. Its packed with Retro Arcade Machines, including 8-bit games like the original Mario. Truly a blast from the past. Wanna relive your childhood again, but your old consoles aren’t working anymore, here’s you chance to get a feel of them again.

IMG_8181 IMG_8182

Looking to bring home some merchandise, fret not, there’s the GameScore booth filled with many cute merchandise up for grabs. I really like those minecraft blocks. Considering grabbing one when I drop by again tomorrow. Shall take the night to think it over.

IMG_8208 IMG_8199

Other highlights include the official Game Start Mascot cosplayer, Sharlene with her really awesome costume. Those LEDs on the costume are really pretty. Especially the blinking one on her back.

Want to get more out of the event? Then look out for the Cute Pika Pika Maids with the ‘ ! ‘ symbol on top of their heads to complete the Conquest to be rewards with more freebies.

IMG_8191 IMG_8192

And Yup, got to meet the Cosplay Guests Yuegene and Tessie upclose.

Well that’s all you’re gonna hear from me today. Gonna give my costume a wash and quickly dry it for tomorrow.

Mikaneko off to grab dinner! See you Tomorrow At Game Start!

Remember to look out for a cute Panda Bouncing Around :3


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