24 October 2014 – POKEMON DAY! Our first event coverage!

Hi there everyone! Mikaneko here~

Well, so moments after we set up the blog~

Tsukineko and I made a sprint down to Jalan Besar Sports Stadium, where a S-league soccer match was being held.

It was team Albirex Niigata FC (Singapore) VS Home United FC.


To be honest, I don’t really keep up with soccer, so I really didn’t know what was going on in the field, but the orange jersey really caught my attention.

And in conjunction with the soccer match, is Singapore’s First Pokemon Day!

As part of Pokemon day, the walkways behind the grandstand were filled with Pokemon posters and Cutouts. To be honest, these really help create the mood for Pokemon Day.


Check out the many Pikachus in various Gym Leader outfits >///<




And look! Its a huge Eevee cutout! Look at those cute eyes~~~~ Its like… Bring me home…..

Sigh~ if only I could.

At both corners of the grandstand was a huge gathering of Pokemon fans.


The crowd was tremendous and you even had to queue up to catch a glimpse of the booths.




At the booths you basically had free Pokemon stickers and coins giveaways, the latest Pokemon mangas and Pokemon Centre Merchandises for sale.


Right at this corner is what most people came here for. A Free Shiny Mega Gengar for your Pokemon X & Y on the 3DS. In addition, there were extra giveaways if you have been the first few people to complete a quest via the 3DS streetpass. This really added lots of fun to the event and people had to really run around and find the questions and answers.

And not forgetting…..


The Superstar of the day! Pikachu!

IMG_2450 IMG_2447

Many people queued up for a chance to grab a shot with this cute Pikachu mascot as he jumped and bounced around.

In summary, as much the main focus wasn’t suppose to be Pokemon, I’m pretty sure Pokemon fans who came wouldn’t have regretted it. It was a really small scale but fun event. Really hoping that we can look forward to more of these events in the future!

Not to mention, even we managed to get a shot together with Pikachu!


I’m on the left and Tsukineko is on the right~

And that concludes our first event coverage. Really hope we managed to share our experience at the event with everyone who read our post. Thanks for reading! :3


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